Bonding with Dad: Father's Day Gift Guide

In the unlikely event that you aren’t yet aware, this year Father’s Day falls on Sunday 21st June (now's the moment to write that down) and for this special occasion, we’ve decided to celebrate this important day with a curation of James Bond-themed gift ideas. Why? Well, simply put, all fathers love Bond, he was always dressed to kill for starters, but all in all, Bond is the ultimate alter-ego that they (and we, for that matter) wish they could call their own. 

With that said, we’ve added some new categories into our arsenal, such as original movie posters, first-edition Ian Flemming novels, framed prints of iconic photographs from yesteryear plus a very special briefcase. All of these will undoubtedly make you green with envy for not being on the receiving end of this Father's Day collection (there's no reason why you shouldn't give your children a nudge, though).

So, allow us to introduce these new additions and ideas to you and we hope they'll make it an even more special day. 

Limited Edition James Bond Prints 

Whether it’s via our Intelligence section or on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, we’ve always shown our appreciation for those iconic James Bond photographs – whether behind the scenes or film stills – for they’re a postcard of certain times when dressing the part and looking respectable reigned supreme. It’s one thing seeing them on your phone, tablet or computer, but it’s an entirely different experience when it’s hung up on your wall. Which, is why we felt the need to enter this space. Each of these works comes framed – saving you a trip to your local framer which you can thank us later for – and is also limited edition.

Mason Sons Fathers Day James Bond


Vintage James Bond Movie Posters 

There’s no school like the old school, and that’s particularly apparent when looking at movie posters. Today’s versions simply don’t cut the mustard as they’re all too retouched, primmed and proper, and lack that kind of nostalgic humour that some now deem inappropriate. The movie posters for the early James Bond movies have always resonated with us with that sepia-hued feeling that can’t be replicated and the man’s man art direction. Perfect for his study or man-cave (if he has the privilege of such a thing, that is). 


Rare Books and Manuscripts

Reading Fleming’s novels can in a way be likened to a rite of passage. Some argue that they’re better than the early films and while it’s each to their own, one thing for certain is that they further reveal the brilliance of Ian Fleming’s wit and sophisticated wordplay. We now have a succinct offering of first-edition James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, all of which are in excellent condition and hard to find. We have also added a selection of hand-picked manuscripts, artwork and ephemera that we trust will be of interest to collectors and enthusiasts alike. 


007’s briefcase in 'From Russia With Love', by Swaine Adeney

Name a more famous briefcase in cinematic history than 007’s in From Russia With Love (1963) - you know, the one that contains a foldable AR7 rifle within? New to us, that briefcase was made by Swaine Adeney, the leather goods and receptacles specialist based in London that was founded in 1750. Everything is Made in England using the finest materials, ensuring that it will receive generations-worth of use, and there’s an unapologetic British-ness to it that we’re very much into. 

 Mason Sons Fathers Day James Bond Swaine Adeney


Spywear and Gift Cards

Whatever you think he'd like, from a new tux to a new t-shirt, If you are gift-hunting for a fan of James Bond, this collection of clothing and accessories will surely help to accomplish the mission. If you are spoilt for choice, there is always the option of offering a Gift Card that can be used in exchange for his favoured piece or as a contribution to his next bespoke commission. No matter what your needs for the surprise gift, we will remain at your secret service.