Introducing Derek Rose: The Sleepwear-Specialist

Seeing as we are all held up at home for the foreseeable future, we thought it would be a fine opportunity to introduce Derek Rose, the world-leading, family-owned brand that specialises in sleepwear and loungewear for both men and women.

Sleepwear (or nightwear, or more simply pyjamas) of a certain quality, and with a transportive nature, is a crucial component of our wardrobe today, but yet it's overlooked by many. They’re certainly more stylish than the fabled birthday suit as they show clear signs of one having self-respect in the most down of downtime periods. Furthermore, they might well save an awkward run-in with any neighbour who might be compelled to drop in for a cup of tea. 

Natalie Wood and Ian Bannen / Mason Sons Derek Rose Sleepwear Pyjamas

Natalie Wood and Ian Bannen in 'Penelope' (1966) provide a lesson in correct sleepwear.

Enter Derek Rose, the family-owned stalwart of British luxury founded in 1926 that specialises in this vital section of your wardrobe. They do this all from their factory in Cheshire, England, and the entire offering appeals to everyone from all kinds of walks of life, in the most endearing and natural way. Whether worn on balmy summer nights or in the midst of a cruel winter, Derek Rose delivers in comfort and style for both men and women. 

Gary Cooper needing some help whilst wearing an excellent set of checked pyjamas in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936). 

Fast approaching its centenary, the British brand has dressed the great and the good and subconsciously helped innumerable numbers of discerning men and women achieve the results they’ve desired. They’ve consistently done this with a wide range of luxurious materials sourced from Europe’s most venerable mills, including Italian silk and impossibly soft brushed cotton, with scrupulous attention to detail and time-honoured construction techniques. 

Pyjamas brought out the happiness in Gene Kelly in American In Paris (1951).

Everything is cut by hand in its age-old factory, and designed with a roomy fit to allow air to better circulate while sleeping. The individual pieces are then sewn together by skilled machinists before being thoroughly checked for quality control purposes. It’s a laborious task but after all, a quality night’s sleep deems it vital.  

Mason Sons Derek Rose Pyjamas Sleepwear Style Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis knew that 'staying in is the new going out' over half a century ago, seen here in No Room For The Groom (1952). 

No other brand has such a comprehensive offering of sleepwear than Derek Rose and it really is quite remarkable. From two-piece sets in a variety of charming polka dots, Gingham checks, plaids, plains and stripes, there are full-length and short versions aplenty. Many of these have the elegant touch and detail of sleek piping along the placket, collar and pockets. If you seek something a bit more casual and informal in the most comforting way, there are lounge trousers in brushed cotton and jersey that can be worn with a simple T-shirt up top. 

Sophia Loren Pyjamas Style Mason Sons Derek Rose

Sophia Loren, one of the last remaining stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, in a peach two-piece set. 

The offering isn’t restricted to sleepwear, though, as Derek Rose also has a wide range of luxe leisurewear, such as cashmere zip hoodies, matching loopback sweatshirts and sweatpants, and simple shorts. Home-bound for an entire day? What could be better than lounging in that? There’s also a healthy amount of plain T-shirts in standard but absolutely essential colours such as white, navy and grey that can be worn beyond the humble abode, or course. 

Steve McQueen and Brigid Bazlenin both in towelling dressing gowns in The Honeymoon Machine (1961).

All of the above will also sit nicely beneath their dressing gowns, which have an undeniable ‘master of the ancestral home’ vibe, starting with the obvious plain towellings (including white for both men and women, meaning you can recreate that shot above of McQueen and Bazlenin) to the grandiose blend of Merino wool and cashmere, plus a few silk satin stripes for a taste of fine luxury. 

James Bond Dressing Gown Sean Connery Derek Rose

Sean Connery in Goldfinger (1964) knew the importance of appropriate sleepwear.

As mentioned earlier, Derek Rose is also available for women, too and the sharp-eyed among you would have noticed that we've added a 'For Her' category to the website. While the offering isn't as comprehensive as the men's collection, there are lots of beautiful sets to peruse. There are also a few masks and a number of dressings gowns. 

Marilyn Monroe Dressing Gown Mason & Sons Derek Rose

Marilyn Monroe with bandmates and couple of men in disguise in Some Like It Hot (1959).

All in all, if you pay great attention to your wardrobe for work and pleasure, we believe that you should pay equal attention to what you wear at home, and that’s exactly what Derek Rose aims to service. With genuine family-values and decades of know-how and craft to be energised by, this sleep and loungewear-specialising business deliver on all fronts.

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