The Curry & Paxton Centenary Collection

If you haven't yet explored Curry & Paxton's brand new website, you can do so here. This Intelligence entry, however, examines the Centenary Collection which is fit for both men and women with a few unisex styles mixed in for good measure. 

All in all, there are 21 different styles of sunglasses and spectacles to choose from, ranging from the ultra-classic Yvan, which we’re sure you’re already familiar with, to the more contemporary styles such as the Freddie, which is made up in a champagne acetate with grey gradient lenses. The Alex is a similar model, which comes with clear lenses but allows one to clip-on UV protection lenses giving you increased versatility and style options. 

Jonathan wearing "Yvan" in tortoiseshell acetate and Marina in "Grace" sunset caramel acetate.

There are also several styles for women, too. Including the featured Grace frame in caramel sunset acetate above, which is a recreation of a pair of Curry & Paxton sunglasses that were worn on the cover of Tatler magazine's Winter Sports issue in November 1959. Faye is another standout model, and there are two colourways to choose from, such as tortoiseshell and cream, and transparent cherry red. 

Curry & Paxton Sunglasses

Marina wearing "Faye" in tortoiseshell and cream acetate.

There's also an exclusive collaboration with Motoluxe, whereby we've recreated two pairs of incredibly delicate side-shield frames from our archive that are thought to be over 100-years-old and have rendered them in modern materials for a contemporary special. Whether worn with the top down and wind rushing through your hair or for more leisurely activities is entirely down to you. 

Curry & Paxton Motoluxe Collaboration Side Shield Sunglasses

Jonathan wearing the Curry & Paxton x Motoluxe side-shield frames in gunmetal grey. 

All of the acetate frames are from premium materials sourced from the eminent supplier Mazzucchelli, Italy. It’s a family business, founded in 1849, and is currently being helmed by the sixth generation. As you can imagine, we admire it very much. 

Jonathan wearing "Paul" in sunset caramel acetate. 

The sunglasses have all been fitted with CAT 3 Maximum UVA and UVB Lenses, with excellent amounts of glare and UV protection, and as with all of the Curry & Paxton frames, you can find the signature three-dot logo. 

Jonathan wearing the "Ronnie" model in black with gold detail

It should also be noted that clear lenses are applied to our optical frames, which can be taken to your local optician to be fitted with replacements that meet your prescription requirement. 

Explore the entire collection, here