Dressing the Rolling Stones for their live performances, Mr Fish developed a reputation for making clothes that were both eye-catching and crowd-pleasing.

Sumptuous cloth and lavish detail went into generously cut designs. His neckties were so wide that (being derived from a Fish) they became known as Kippers.

Maintaining the spirit of the founder's philosophy, the company has partnered with Europe's most progressive fabric designers to present a range of star-quality suitings.


The fame and notoriety of the style and attitude of Mr. Fish led to his boutique's inclusion in the cult 1969 British crime-caper, "The Italian Job", starring Michael Caine.

In the film, after serving a prison sentence, Caine's character visits his tailor and shirtmaker to prepare himself for the outside world - and a heist in Turin.

It is with some irony that today, Mr. Fish has turned to one of Italy's preeminent mills to recreate the fabrics used for the shirts in the film, and also provide access to its wider collection.

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