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1937 Aston-Martin Long Chassis 15/98

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Location: United Kingdom

One of only 24 built in this configuration, this is a rare survivor as it is believed that only 14 remain. This particular car drives very well indeed. A full restoration was carried out in the 1980s, and a major engine rebuild including conversion to a new crankshaft and steel conrods was completed by Ecurie Bertelli in 2009, the engine retains original and matching numbers. The 2 litre engine is eager and pulls very well, with the brakes and handling equally very capable. Since restoration and the engine re-build the car has been mechanically well maintained. The interior condition is to a very good standard and has been thoughtfully retrimmed with the useful incorporation of storage boxes. It is obvious that this car has been cherished since the restoration and a lot of care has been taken to make sure that it is very well set up for touring. It carries basic tools and spares. One of the few pre-war Aston models with boot space, generous seating for 4 adults and very effective wet weather protection, this is a swift and genuinely sensible vehicle for touring. The overall impression is of a much later car that can cope effortlessly with long distances at modern speeds with great comfort. ‘Always fast but never flurried’. The vehicle comes with a good history file which includes a handwritten notebook from the 1950s describing various journeys, written by the owner’s 14-year-old child.

The 15/98 model followed on from the highly successful 1½ litre cars, Aston-Martin changed to producing 2 litre cars in 1936. The 15/98 model was designed as a collaboration between Aston-Martins long serving designer Claude Hill and R G Sutherland. The 15/98 is a four-cylinder, single overhead camshaft design as per the 1 ½ litre cars but with the flow of the head reversed and with a wet sump. A Moss gearbox was bought in for this car along with very effective Girling rod brakes. The overall design of the chassis and particularly the front suspension gives this car exceptionally good handling and very smooth ride qualities. Available in long and short chassis versions with a variety of body styles. The 15/98 is an extremely comfortable and swift car over long distances, with the long chassis version giving generous luggage space or room for rear passengers.

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