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1938 Aston Martin 15/98

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Location: United Kingdom

Aston-Martin 15/98 C8/837/SC is THE perfect rally car! As the last of the pre-war cars, the 15/98 model is the most refined of them all. Based on the exceptional Speed Model but developed for fast long-distance comfort, Aston-Martin’s advertising slogan for this car, ‘always fast but never flurried’ is absolutely right.

The 2-litre engine, which even in the 1930s was producing just under 100bhp (the 98 part of the 15/98), has significant torque allowing effortless cruising, rapid hill climbing and high speed over special stages. The handling is superb, in no small part down to sharing the front suspension including an all-new axle with the Speed Model. The Girling rod brakes are some of the best brakes to be found on any car with great feel and power. The Moss gearbox is very similar to that found in an XK120, with its synchromesh is much quieter than the previous straight-cut Aston-Martin gearboxes. These attributes, along with good luggage capacity, weather equipment and generous interior space and leg room of any pre-war Aston makes this the ideal rally and touring car.

This particular vehicle has been campaigned extensively since 2016 and maintained to the highest standards by Ecurie Bertelli during that time. With multiple Flying Scotsman rallies, the RAC 1000 Mile Trial, the Blue Train Rally across Europe as well as numerous other events this car is in perfect mechanical condition. Fitted with an all new dry sump and Ecurie Bertelli Rally engine for the 2019 season, the original cylinder block is retained to preserve its status of matching numbers. Fitted with a the very best rally meter - the Gauge Pilot - as well as enhanced but removable lighting, fire extinguisher, a full set of HERO / ERA rally kit and freshly serviced from the latest Flying Scotsman with nearly new tyres, this car is completely ready to tackle any rally or long-distance tour you care to mention.

A true delight, if you have never tried a 15/98 this car should be driven to be appreciated.

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