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1939 Alvis Speed 25 SC Charlesworth Sports Saloon (RHD)

£89,950 | Location: United Kingdom

Alvis cars always held a reputation for excellent quality, performance and engineering and the Alvis Speed 25 is no exception. Launched in 1937, the 25 was the direct successor to the Speed 20 which was an incredibly well respected sports car, not to mention very advanced for the time period. Independent front wheels, servo assisted brakes and most crucially of all, the Speed 20 was the first ever car to feature a fully-synchronised gearbox. All of these features were of course carried over onto the Speed 25 which featured a 3 1/2 Litre Straight Six which in standard form was capable of 100mph, an astonishing feat for any car during the 1930s when ‘a mile a minute’ (60mph) was considered fast.

A testament to the excellence of the Speed models was a letter written by legendary ‘Bentley Boy’ Tim Birkin which was used by Alvis in advertising in which Birkin said “I have never driven a more delightful motor car.” The Speed 25 was and remains a phenomenal combination of speed, comfort and fine engineering. The car excelled in brake tests in contemporary magazine reviews and was also praised for its particularly excellent handling and road holding. All these qualities are still very much present today in the wonderful, 1939 Alvis Speed 25 SC we are proud offer to you.

Delivered new to Messrs Anderson Ltd on February 1st 1939, our 25 SC was fitted with the particularly elegant Charlesworth Sports Saloon Coachwork it retains today. The extensive history files, of which there are 4 numbered volumes, lists the majority of the car’s owners to the present day. Since over the last 60 years, the car has been primarily owned by passionate Alvis Owners Club members and has travelled the globe, living for a while at a French Chateau before moving to the USA where it remained until 1990 when it finally returned home to the United Kingdom. Of the several more AOC member owners which followed, its owner between 1991 and 2001 covered an astonishing 23,000 miles, no mean feat for a pre-war car, as it was used by its owner to cover the lengths of Europe and the United Kingdom. During this ownership, the Speed 25 also benefitted from a complete rebuild of the body, frame, interior, transmission, engine and mechanicals, including fitting a new high-compression cylinder head.

The last owner also made sure to thoroughly maintain the car and had Alvis specialists, Red Triangle rebuild the wheels, work on the braking system and most importantly, fit the car with an overdrive system, making the car fundamentally a 5-speed. As a result, this sleek, powerful sports saloon is incredibly useable, a stark contrast to the majority of pre-war cars, as evidenced by it covering several more continental trips before COVID. We have driven the car ourselves and know it is more than capable of maintaining high cruising speeds, making it a truly phenomenal, useable pre-war sports car that would put most of its contemporaries to shame.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire one of the loveliest examples extant of a Speed 25 Charlesworth saloon that has been fastidiously maintained and driven throughout its life by passionate enthusiasts and comes with an astonishing 4 volume history file to support this, along with spare parts for continental touring. Rarely does such a wonderful example of one of Britain’s finest pre-war cars become available, truly not to be missed!

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