1960 Aston Martin DB4 Series II Original Condition

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Location: United Kingdom

We couldn't be happier to have another DB4 in the ranks, this time a really fabulous series II agreed by most to be the sweet spot of the DB4 line

The series I DB4 was launched largely without extensive road testing and so the owners had unknowingly tested the car for Aston Martin reporting back the issues they felt needed addressing; bonnets flying open at high speed was one issue as well as the windows buffeting when moving along at a decent lick. The series II then was to be the refined improved car

Introduced in 1960 the series II had a number of features separating it from the series I including bigger front brake callipers, front hinged bonnet, framed windows and an enlarged sump (from 14pints to 17pints) to help aid cooling

Ours is a lovely original car never having been restored still in the original colour and still with the original black Connolly leather she was supplied with new, all wearing a charming but not all together too intense patina

Supplied new in November 1960 to a Mr Garrott of London she stayed in his charges for 22 years before being sold to her second keeper. Quite nice too that she was supplied new with the registration number she still wears today, 6 BGX

After 22 years and one owner she left British shores for Germany, whilst there she graced the garages of two German enthusiasts before our most recent owner purchased her in 2002 at circa 47,000 miles

He had been searching for a DB4 for some time and within the history file not only is there the pre-purchase report for this car but for a number of others he passed on in favour of re-importing DB4/484/R as she fit the bill so perfectly

Immediately after taking her over he had the chrome bumpers removed & fitted Lucas spot lamps to giver her a more sporty look. The bumpers have been retained and are in immaculate condition should you wish to re-instate them

Having owned her now for just over 20 years he has looked after her very well indeed, taking her only to good classic car specialists to service and meticulously keeping every estimate, invoice and receipt along the way

In 2018, the vehicle underwent a major service, which included removing & skimming the cylinder head as well as cleaning out the cylinders and block, less that 1000 miles has been covered since then

We undertook her last service and tune in March of 2022 when we also gave her a three stage coach polish and re-wired what was necessary so the electronics were all working perfectly

Overall circa £50,000 has been spent on her maintenance in the last 20 years indicating that whatever has been needed has been done

Only 349 series II DB4's were ever built making them very rare cars indeed and even fewer are left today

When we first went to see DB4/484/R to inspect her for sale she hadn't been driven for 2 months, after pulling off the cover and switching the isolator to on we turned her over. She fired first time and idled beautifully from cold with only a smidgen of choke for the first few minuets as she warmed up

Set off on the test drive and immediately we could tell she's a winner, the suspension exactly as it should be, the gear change easy and clicky, and the engine ready and responsive, not to mention the sonorous exhaust which just purrs along singing the most beautiful of six cylinder songs. Even the original radio works

Quite superb then and one to be seriously considered