Graeme Hunt

1964 Bentley S3 Continental Drop Head Coupe

£250,000 | Location: United Kingdom

This is an extremely rare Bentley, with only 76 of its' type bodied by H J Mulliner, Park Ward Ltd after the two firms' merger, and this example is one of the finest.

The production numbers were so low, because at the time they were so expensive it was unattainable to most, costing more than a suburban 3 bed semi-detached house in period. Naturally buyers expected a lot for their money and BC172XC does not disappoint.

Finished wonderfully in Velvet Green she was delivered new in December 1964 (at that time she was Regal Red) to a Mrs N Bell, who lived in the North East of England. The order form specified the car to be supplied with electric windows, an electric radio, a power operated hood and hand window winders for the rear. What now would appear a simple spec, in 1964 having a powered convertible top and windows was a dream for most people.

To drive her now is no "turn back the clock" arrangement for she is silky smooth with a noiseless yet powerful engine, seamless gear changes, suspension which allows her progress to be almost glide like as she swallows up the big sleeping policeman in Battersea and effortless power steering - almost remarkable considering she is in her 57th year.

Obviously she has been cherished, which is exemplified by her extensive history file, documenting the vast majority of her life where her owners have been a veritable Who's Who of the Classic Car fraternity - she has a very good story to tell.

Mrs Bell sold her, and a few enthusiasts ran her in the following years until in 1989, reputed Rolls-Royce & Bentley specialist Frank Dale sold her to Yoshio Matsuda of Japan, the man behind the infamous Matsuda collection.

The Matsuda Collection began with Mr. Matsuda becoming struck by western design, and his fetish for it resulted in a car collection of the best western cars money could buy. At one point, his collection was so great he had three 250 GTO's... not many people or collections, can claim that. There is a photograph in the history file, of her sitting in the collection, on Polaroid.

Matsuda rarely used the cars he had, and she found her way back to use, when entrepreneur and classic car dealer, Terry Cohn imported her back into the UK in 1995 from Japan where upon arrival he embarked on a full restoration, with receipts in the file dating from 1996 - 1999.

Still in the most splendid condition she is wanting for nothing. The most recent owner has used her well, mainly for many long trips to his property in the south of France, and other European adventures whilst maintenance has been entrusted to respected West Hoathly Garage in Sussex - with a raft of invoices, although nothing of any major significance has been required, as you would have expected after a full restoration so recently.

Now settled in our shop she is waiting for her next chapter to be written….. how we would like it be written by us, so smitten are we.

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