Graeme Hunt

1964 Gordon Keeble

£97,500 | Location: United Kingdom

Only 100 Gordon Keeble's were ever produced which may help to explain why they aren't very well known but we've sold a few in the past and think they are fantastic cars.

With the coupe body designed by Bertone Keeble's were £2,798 when new, frighteningly expensive but they were for a while the fastest four seater in the world.

Fitted with a 327 cubic inch Corvette V8 and a fibreglass body they have some serious poke even by today's standard and the light weight body means they handle brilliantly too.

As mentioned we've sold a few of these in the past so have come to know the marque somewhat well and we couldn't be happier to have this example in our stables at the moment.

With only two keepers from new, the first owned her until 1995 and the third hitherto. This Keeble has always lived in Scotland as part of an estate, as opposed to an everyday car, used only when the feeling was taken which is why the odometer reads only 45,418 miles.

Immediately after the second keeper took her on they decided to upgrade her in both style and substance.

To do this they went to the most qualified man they could find for the job, a Mr Ernie Knott founder of the Gordon Keeble owners club and master purveyor of all things Keeble.

In the process of the restoration power steering was fitted, XJS seats, an electronic ignition, upgraded anti-roll bars were fitted to the suspension in addition to wider wheels that sit with a slight negative camber giving her the brilliant mean look she has.

The suspension is slightly lower than standard and the chrome bumpers were removed helping to put the finishing touch to the stance, however my personal favourite addition is that of the stainless steel exhaust which the Chevrolet V8 breaths through in the most pleasing way.

They all sound brilliant but this is the best sounding Gordon Keeble I've heard.

These cars are almost boringly reliable hitting the classic big American muscle teamed with British engineering sweet spot that has produced so many top hits - Cobra's, GT40's, Lola's etc etc

With four manual gears, rear driven wheels, lightweight body work, classic predictable handling, V8 upfront, space for four normal sized adults in the middle and all their luggage in the back this has to be the obvious choice over any M4 or AMG GT.

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