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1967 Ford Mustang Convertible

£49,995 | Location: United Kingdom

Model History:

The Ford Mustang. Surely one of the most celebrated and long running sports cars from the all-american Ford Motor Company. Purported to be conceived in an incredible 18 months, the original first generation 1964 Mustang shocked the American automotive landscape. Here was a new sports car, compact of dimension and light on its feet that blended six and eight cylinder pace with american design grace of the time. The car was launched to great acclaim and in some respects formed the mould of American sports cars to come. GM and Chrysler were caught napping and demand for the Mustang was huge.

Production of the first generation Mustang lasted from late 1964 with the first re-design occurring in 1967. The original ‘Pony car’ lasted until 1973, where the next generation commenced production as the changing environmental concerns of the time took hold. The template was set though, and the Mustang has been a mainstay of the Ford and indeed worldwide automotive landscape, a true legend in its lifetime.


LHD, 289-2V Engine, 4-Speed Manual, Lime Gold Metallic Paint, Chrome Hubcaps, Chrome Rocker Panel Mouldings, Factory Tinted Windows, Ivy Gold Vinyl Interior, Power Soft Top With Rear Glass Window, Power Steering, AM Radio.


Updated in 1967 the defined lines of the Ford Mustang are timeless and still look every bit as striking over 50 years on. Finished in it’s factory designated colour of Lime Gold, flourishes of metallic green and chrome mean this particular example perfectly embodies the muscle car era in which it was conceived.

Overall condition is fantastic; the paintwork retains a deep and even shine, with nothing more than some minor stone chips to note, as does the chrome work and trim which still shines bright free from any fading or dents. Having covered just over 64k miles in its lifetime the car has obviously lead a very sheltered life. To ensure the cars great condition wasn’t effected by British weather, the car was professionally under sealed in January 2020, with any underfloor panels showing rust replaced to prevent any spread to the otherwise solid bodywork at a cost of over £2,000.

The roof fabric is the only area where the car shows its age however a replacement vinyl part is boxed and ready to fit.


The interior design of the Mustang is a cool place to spend time in with art deco influences and materials. The wonderful Ivy Gold interior is a perfect tonal addition to the metallic exterior  – a bright and interesting combination encapsulating the 60s era and booming America of the time. The steering wheel is thin rimmed and of a generous radius giving a relaxed feel to the handling, which is further assisted by the factory power steering unit. The floor mounted 4 Speed Manual shifter is a rare but welcome addition, allowing the driver to exploit full control of the glorious 289 ci V8.

Having been subject to a refresh in 2013, the interior feels robust and sits with minimal signs of wear; the dash is free from any cracks and the seats are superb, with no visible tears or marks.

Engine & Transmission:

On full display when the bonnet is opened, the original 289 ci V8 example presents well. With a history file stretching back to 1967 featuring thousands of pounds of invoices, it’s no surprise this Mustang starts on the button. Being carbureted, the V8 still feels mechanical and comes with a vintage soundtrack far beyond most modern machinery.

When driving the engine revs cleanly and pulls through the gears well; with 200 bhp and lots of low down torque it certainly shifts well even by modern standards.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes:

Sitting on the correctly sized wheels with factory specified chrome hub caps this mustang still retains an arresting muscle car stance. The car was originally specified with white wall tyres, however the BF Goodrich Radials it is currently fitted with give it a slightly more aggressive aesthetic and provide adequate grip once on the move.

History File:

First registered on 10/04/67 by Courtesy Motors in Littleton, USA, this Mustang comes with a comprehensive history folder that outlines the details of its 5 owners, the miles they covered in the car and much of the work they had done over the years.

A US Standard Marti Report shows that the car was built 08/03/67, confirming that the current specification is factory correct and the original matching numbers motor still resides in the car.

The first 4 owners were based in the USA, each of whom has a significant section in the history folder with ten of thousands of pounds worth of invoices present outlining servicing, maintenance and rebuilds of different sorts over the years. Significant work includes new timing chains in the last 4k miles as well as a overhaul of the suspension and drum brake systems in the USA.

The car was imported to the UK and purchased by the current owner in 2015. A plethora of invoices show that he too has kept up the maintenance work on the car, notably a new exhaust manifold and refurbished carburettor have been fitted as well as much more in between.

What really sets this car apart however is its provenience; present with the car we have the original Handbook, Manual, Owners card, Pre-delivery checklist, 2 sets of original keys & dealership specific badges kept by the first owner and the 4 that followed.

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