1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SE

$100,000.00 Sale Save

Location: United Kingdom

It is so lovely when such a nice car like the 280 SE is given a new lease of life. This example didn't necessarily need it, after being stored in Paris for many years, but the careful most recent owner opted to re-vamp the car anyhow!

Hilton & Moss were entrusted with the restoration and as specialists of these sort of cars, were very well chosen too!

The car is accompanied with extensive photographs throughout the restoration & it is clear the quality both in the abundant restoration file, and car itself. The interior is & was in fine order so it was a deemed not necessary to restore other than one panel of leather - the rear parcel shelf.

The bodywork & engine have been completely done and it looks impeccable, and sounds INCREDIBLE! Driving her recently in preparation to launch for sale I was reintroduced to the raspy, responsive, sporty and generally capable motorcar she is.

Prior to being discovered & restored she blessed a quiet underground storage facility in Paris, amongst collections of very lovely cars. It is thought a prominent Kuwaiti collector stationed her there as before Paris she was gracing the roads of Kuwait.

The wood in the interior is not cracked, and in sublime order. The leather similarly in original but very high quality. The mechanics wonderful and upon arrival with us we gave her a thorough service so she is now a complete peach!

She shows just under 15,000 on the speedo and the unrestored interior matches such a number, although the history cannot testify to its authenticity.

She has come to us, and is being now offered to the extreme benefit to her next custodian. All the work and time completed. And just a wonderful car to enjoy. Perhaps one of the best on the market, and ready to be used to her full potential.