Graeme Hunt

1970 Porsche 911 2.2T

£74,500 | Location: United Kingdom

This snappy little 911T with the 2.2 litre engine has been really loved in recent times - as she was in her early days too

Restoration was completed in 2013 with the works having been started in 2012 and whilst the 'T' was in remarkable original condition it was a project for this chap to indulge himself and therefore the 'T' too

He wrote a 12 page report of all his works including the hydraulic tensioners and turbo valve covers - the only non original upgrades as he wanted the 'T' to be as original as possible

When he first purchased the car he managed to contact the first owner, who specified the 'T' including the 4 speed gearbox - as he stated, "a friend of his had a 5 speed version, which he didn't like as much" and the choice of white (actually Light Ivory) to match all of his previous new cars

He had paid $7.300 which was a sum in those days - the Porsche was always garaged, waxed once a month and only used in the rain on 2 or 3 occasions during his ownership

He had sold her in the late seventies to a colleague at work, at Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati - the same area where he took delivery of her when new

When the current owner in 2012 called him, so delighted was he that he came to see him and his old car - it brought tears to his eyes when he jumped into the drivers seat, it had brought back so many happy memories

Anyhow, the 12 page synopsis of his digging into the history and the restoration is a really good read; it's rather nice to find someone who is prepared to write things down, as things would have been in period too

After he finished the works in 2013, he sold her to a buyer in the UK, who in turn sold her to the most recent owner and has kept her within his large collection

Since in his care nothing has been left to chance and he has catered to her every whim - new carpets, new seat covers ( herring bone inserts - very smart too) various mechanical works with fuel pumps and the like - all bills are within the history folder from her time in the UK

We have used her as an everyday car pottering around town as well as for long journey's to Maidstone and back - she is a real cracker giving a superb driving experience

Sundym coloured windows, original Blaukpunkt radio, comfort equipment - leather steering wheel, instruments & oil tank like 911S, front seat headrests, matching numbers, correct to the factory specification with a mileage which seems to be genuine - what's not to like?

Pretty looking and with the typical sonorous engine note of the early 911 flat 6, this beauty begs to be driven

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