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1972 Bristol 411 Series 2

£78,000 | Location: United Kingdom

This must be one of the finest examples of the 411, the original ‘businessman’s express’, in existence. It is a rare Series 2 model, gaining self-levelling suspension whilst retaining the pleasing front end light and grill arrangement of the original design. Five owners from new have covered 96,000 miles and each has looked after it and maintained it very well as detailed in the complete and comprehensive history, indeed Bristol Cars have known the car well throughout its life. It remains in exceptional condition and has won many prizes at the Bristol Owners Club Annual Concours event including first prize in the Elite Class.

The original Bristol Factory Order/Ownership Cards remain in the substantial history file, hence it is possible to detail the ownership lineage with complete clarity. The 411 was invoiced when new on the 20th December 1971 to a Mr C. C McNeil, a resident of Hampshire, this new car replaced his Bristol 410 bought the year before. He retained this 411 until May 1986, covering 55,000 miles in this period. He used Bristol Cars for warranty work and maintenance to schedule during his ownership as detailed in numerous invoices on file. Much correspondence between him and Bristol owner Anthony Crook indicates a fastidious detail man who could not accept compromise from his Bristol!

On the 13th May 1986 this 411 passed to a Dr Gard of London, he kept it for less than a year and covered just under 4,000 miles, taking the total mileage to 59,600 miles. The car was returned to Bristol Cars a number of times in this time for maintenance and repairs as detailed in invoicing on file.

On the 4th of February 1987, third owner, a Mr Thomas Eckered of Chiswick purchased the 411 and enjoyed it until 1992, the mileage increasing from 59,600 miles to 79,000 miles in his tenure. Again, Bristol Cars were entrusted with maintenance, the 411 returning to the service department for rectification of any fault, all servicing was completed without regard to cost as detailed on file.

In December 1992 at 21 years of age this 411 passed to its 4th owner, Mr Wallbridge, a resident of Guernsey. He kept the car until 2018 and again looked after it in an exemplary manner, initially using Bristol Cars for all work required and more latterly Harrison Automotive, a well-regarded specialist in the Channel Islands. During his 25 years of ownership Mr Wallbridge used the Bristol lightly, mileage rising to 95,000 miles, much of this was the annual drive to Bristol Cars for servicing prior to the Bristol Owners Club Annual Concours where the 411 became a familiar sight, scoring highly on many occasions. The many concours entry and scoring lists on file show a number of class wins culminating in entry and victory in the Elite Class.

In 2018 one of our best customers and long-time fan of the Bristol marque purchased the 411 to join his notable private collection of exceptional cars. He had the car fully inspected by Bristol Cars prior to purchase and any fault was rectified by them as documented on file. It has seen minimal use in recent years and remains in superb condition in all respects with great detail rarely found in a 411.

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