1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3

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Location: United Kingdom

Its no secret we do love a C3 Corvette Stingray, their exaggerated wheel arches mahoosive wings and general flamboyance make for a really attractive car and they go so well.

This particular example has been the subject of a full restoration which was finished a few years ago and has lasted brilliantly since, only very minimal mileage covered of course.

She was imported into the UK in 1991 since when a really fantastic and detailed record of her life has been kept on file validating less than 10,000 miles have been covered in that time, as well as rafts of photographs chronicling the nut and bolt restoration supported by purchase invoices & job sheets detailing exactly the work done.

It all makes for a good evenings read together with an article on the car done by Classic American, the foremost UK based magazine for American produced classic cars.

Her time in the 'States is largely undocumented as is most often the case with American cars. Quite happily though there are some registration certificates as well as shipping notes from when she left. Something we have never seen before in the history folder of one of these is the supplying dealers warranty book which still has the original stamped "PROTECT-O-PLATE" attached. And all the details of the original owner.

A Mr Michael J. Deines of 4th Avenue Southwest who received the car on 21st July 1972.

She also retains her original owners manual & two sets of keys!

After arriving with us she was already so lovely all we needed to do was a light clean and straight out for photography, her engine predictably is infectious having been increased to 6.3litres and teamed with Hooker Super Competition exhaust headers she sounds superb, goes like the clappers and all through a silky smooth 3 speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic gearbox.

The transmission is a dream, changes are smooth and effortless and the car picks up with considerable alacrity when asked to do so, perhaps a good auto really is the way to go for these 'Vette's

The noise is of course visceral to say the least but as far as Corvette's go she is a really refined example, all the doors shut well, the T-top's release and go back in perfectly as well as fitting exactly into their brand new storage bags, all the switches and dials have a feeling of solidity about them, panel fits are all excellent, her road holding is superb with no creaks or squeaks too report. the interior is like brand new (the protective film on the passenger door sill is still there) etc etc

Overall a really top example of what we feel are really fantastic cars.

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