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1973 BMW 3.0 CSL


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The E9 BMW 3.0 CSL unveiled in 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show was a special homologation built to make the car eligible for racing in the European Touring Car Championship. Production ran from May 1971 to October 1975, with a total of 1,265 produced.

The ‘L’ in BMW designation usually denotes ‘long’ but in the case of the 3.0 CSL, it meant leicht (light) The weight loss was achieved by manufacturing the unit body in a thinner steel, and using aluminium for the bonnet, doors and boot lid. Perspex was used for the side windows and much of the trim and sound proofing was removed. This all equalled a 200kg weight saving over the standard car.

The 500 3.0 CSLs exported to the United Kingdom were not quite as light as the others. These were fitted with the optional ‘City Package’ which retained more of the conveniences of the standard car, including electric windows, front bumpers, power steering, sound dampening, rear defrost and tool kit.

With its engine based on the 3.0 CSi, the straight 6 fuel-injected 178hp 3.0 CSL was given a very small increase in displacement to 3,003cc – by increasing the engine bore by a mere quarter of a millimetre to 89.25mm, allowed the CSL to compete in the ‘over 3.0-litre’ racing category.

In 1973, the final 203hp, 3.153cc version of the 3.0 CSL came with an aerodynamic package featuring a large air dam, a spoiler above the trailing edge of the roof, and an oversize rear wing. Such large wings were illegal on German roads, so rather than being fitted during production, they were simply left in the boot for installation after purchase. As a result of this conspicuous aero package, the racing CSLs become known as the ‘Batmobile’.

Throughout the 1970s these Batmobiles dominated the European Touring Car Championships, winning 6 titles.


Lux Classics are delighted to offer this exceptionally restored BMW 3.0 CSL.

Presented in original colour scheme, with black vinyl seats with corded panels by Scheel.

One of only 500 examples produced in RHD.

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