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1979 Ferrari BB 512 (Carburettor)


Price on Application | Location: United Kingdom

Having reasserted itself at the top of the supercar hierarchy with the first 'Boxer' - the 365GT/4 BB – Ferrari went one better in 1976 with its successor, the BB 512. The increase in engine size to 4942cc was made not so much with increased power in mind but to enable the 512BB to meet increasingly stringent emissions targets without loss of performance. Displacement was increased by enlarging both bore and stroke, while in addition the compression ratio was raised, and dry-sump lubrication adopted. The result of all these changes was a useful increase in torque which, coupled with revised gear ratios, made the 512BB a far more tractable and enjoyable car to use.

Changes to Pininfarina's inspired coachwork were not surprisingly few as their original design for the 365BB was sensational. Revised front air-dam spoiler beneath the nose, brake-cooling NACA ducts ahead of the rear wheel arches, four rear lights instead of six and revised air intake boxes, while slightly lower profile rear tyres meant that the width of the 512's rear grew by just over 25mm. The running gear likewise came in for only minor revision, gaining stiffer springs/anti-roll bars and altered damping rates, while the already excellent all-round ventilated disc brakes remained unchanged. Inside, the 512 remained virtually the same as before but for the welcome adoption of multi-way adjustable seats in place of the fixed originals.

Possessing an engine directly related to Ferrari's contemporary Formula 1 unit, as well as being both lighter and faster than the legendary Daytona, the 512BB was one of the most capable and exciting supercars of its era and is still capable of providing all the thrills that an enthusiastic owner-driver could wish for.

Our superb example was supplied new to C. Dibden Esq. of London by Maranello Concessionaires and commissioned in Rosso Chiaro with Nero VM8500 hide & Nero Carpets, gold wheels and a Blaupunkt Berlin radio. In 1980 the car was purchased by Andreas Ughland, a Norwegian shipping magnet. Mr Ughland was a major collector of thoroughbred motorcars. He used the car sparingly in the UK and subsequently moved it to his home in Norway in 1987. In the early ‘90’s the car was moved to his Cayman Islands residence in the Caribbean along with the rest of his collection and by 2010 Mr Ughland had constructed and opened the Cayman Motor Museum to house the entire collection for the people of the islands and visitors to enjoy. In 2015 Mr Ughland entered the car into the RM Auction at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at which point the Ferrari was acquired by Hexagon Classics of London on behalf of the last owner who has used it sparingly. It is worth noting that RM Auctions confirmed the mileage and history.

The Ferrari has just completed a belt service by a leading UK Ferrari specialist. Supplied with its original Wallet, handbook & tools and Maranello Concessionaires correspondence from new this three private- owner BB 512 is a truly wonderful example worthy of any motor museum.

Without doubt this is a unique opportunity to acquire one of Ferrari’s most highly sought-after contemporary models, perhaps their first real supercar and Ferrari’s last carburettor produced model. This Ferrari BB 512 “Carburettor” is perhaps the most collectable Right-Hand Drive Berlinetta currently available for sale anywhere today.

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