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1980 Ferrari 400i

49,995 | Location: United Kingdom

Model History:

The Ferrari 400i is a front-engined V12 2+2 grand tourer produced by Ferrari as a successor to the 365 GT4 2+2 and predecessor to the 412 as part of the Tipo F101 generation of GTs. The three cars were built between 1979 and 1989; all featuring similar designs with an evolution of body, chassis and engine over time.

The car featured a tubular steel chassis based on that of the GTC/4, but lengthened 200. The cars were steel bodied, with a fiberglass floor to save weight. Manufacturing was done by by Pininfarina at its Turin plant, then assembled by Ferrari at the base in Modena. Suspension consisted of double wishbones, coil springs coaxial with the shock absorbers, and anti-roll bars all around; the rear axle featured a hydraulic self-levelling system.

Under the bonnet there was a 4.8L Tipo F 101 Colombo V12; featuring an alloy head and block, four overhead cams, 24-valve unit using wet sump lubrication. Unlike its predecessor the 400i featured a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system rather than carbs; this was to meet stricter emissions standards and increase reliability. The V12 unit produced 310 bhp and could hit speeds of 149 mph.

Power was transferred via either a 5 speed manual or 3 speed automatic, the latter being the first automatic box ever featured in a production Ferrari. Some believe the automatic transmission indicates it may have been Ferrari’s attempt to corner the American market, however no cars were officially imported as Enzo Ferrari did not want to alter his vehicles to meet America’s ever evolving regulations.

Just 180 Ferrari 400i’s were ever produced for the UK RHD market, with figures from Maranello suggesting 158 were specified with the 3-speed Automatic gearbox.


3 Speed Automatic, 15″ 5 Spoke Alloys, Disc Brakes, Blu Pozzi Paint, 2+2 Seating, Crema Leather with Blu Scuro Details, Extended Leather, Doors, Dashboard, Tunnel, Headlining, Navy Carpets, Blaupunkt New York Cassette/Radio, Electric Windows, Air Conditioning, Pop-Up Headlights, Quad Exhausts.


With is angular lines, pop up headlights and of course, those iconic 5 spoke star alloys, the Ferrari 400i wholly embraces the 70s/80s era in which it was conceived. Finished in a stunning historic shade of Blu Pozzi, which was created to honour French Ferrari importer Charles Pozzi, this V12 grand tourer posses a wonderfully distinguished demeanour.

The deep blue non metallic solid paint sits free from any swirls or scuffs after some careful attention from our inhouse detailing team. On closer inspection there are a few minor age related chips and imperfections, but nothing to detract from the Ferrari’s classic charm.


2+2 layouts are often a bit of a disappointment, but here in the 400i things are rather different. Rear seats present just enough space for 2 adults and are surprisingly comfortable; separated by the gearbox tunnel their shape and luxurious leather upholstery provide excellent cushioning and support. The lavish leather extends throughout the cabin, with the classic combination of Crema with Blu Scuro details spanning to the front seats, dashboard and even the beautifully stitched headlining.

The classic thin rimmed leather steering wheel is a real highlight of the interior, a subtle touch that epitomises Ferrari’s dedication to driver satisfaction and quality.

Engine & Transmission:

Fitted with a 4.8L V12 the Ferrari 400i utilises a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection to increase reliability and reduce emissions over its carburetted 400 predecessor. Producing 310 bhp it manages 0-60 in 7.7 seconds and goes onto a top speed of 149, which was blistering by the standards of the day. Paired to a 3-Speed automatic the torque and gearing combination perfectly suits the GT style of driving the 400i was designed for; allowing the occupants to cover large distances in the fastest and most comfortable manor possible.

Mechanically this 400i is in very good condition, with invoices showing over £13k spent on the car since 2017 which includes servicing, a full new exhaust system and much more.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes:

Completing the period aesthetic of the 400i, a set of 15″ 5 Spoke Star alloys sit in impeccable condition. All four corners are shod in a set of matching and correct Michelin TRX’s, which were fitted less than 100 miles ago at a cost of £1,500.

Brakes function well after a recent overhaul which included full refurbishment of all four callipers and new pads fitted at both front and rear axles.

History File:

This Ferrari 400i was first registered by Maranello Egham on 21/02/1980, as 1 of 180 cars ever destined for the UK RHD market. The car was initially a dealership demonstrator before being sold to its first private owner in April the same year, with just 835 miles on the clock.

Unfortunately many Italian cars of this era were susceptible to corrosion and this 400i was no exception. Invoices show the car was taken back to Maranello for an extensive overhaul in 1988 after falling into a state of disrepair. 5 pages of parts outline the extent of the work, which included many new panels, all new trim, a complete respray and much more, all of which concluded in a bill of nearly £28,000. Another invoice from around the same period also shows a complete overhaul of the suspension, gearbox, brakes, windows and a full engine out service, which also totalled over £18,000.

The car was sold in 1991 and has had 4 keepers throughout its life, including the current owner who purchased the car is 2017. Since purchasing the car he has invested over £13k ensuring the car is up to standard, with invoices for bodywork/paint, a full new exhaust system, braking system rebuild, a new set of correct TRX tyres and a minor service all present in the vast history file. The comprehensive history file shows almost £81k worth of invoices and dates back to 1988, outlining much of the cars life, with some service stamps from the early 2000s also helping to fill some gaps.

Present with the car is the original leather wallet with some original books, incredible history file, complete tool kit + tool roll, V5 and 2 sets of keys.

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