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1989 Porsche 930 Turbo Targa

109,995 | Location: United Kingdom

Model History:

The Porsche 911 Turbo began its development life in 1972 as a need to homologate the car for racing. It would have then been marketed like the 1973 Carrera 2.7RS as a street legal race car. When homologation rules changed during the Turbos development Porsche decided to continue building anyway and place the car as a fully equipped top of the range variant of the 911.

This was not the manufacturers first experimentation with turbochargers, they had started using the technology back in late ’50s race cars. It was an Ernst Fuhrman who was in charge of development for the turbo and with the valuable experience and success gained with the turbo charged 917/30 CAN-AM racing car (1580bhp in qualifying trim!!), Fuhrman set about adapting the technology to the 3.0L flat-six from the Carrera RS3.0, the project internally named the 930.  The result was 260bhp from the original 3L turbo engine with a 330bhp 3.3L intercooled version introduced in 1978.

With a significant hike in power over the standard naturally aspirated 911 Carrera, the Turbo 911 received revised suspension, larger brakes and a stronger 4 speed gearbox. To aid grip and stability the Turbo featured a ‘whale-tail’ rear spoiler providing more down force and bigger rear wheel arches that were filled with wider wheels and tyres.

The 930 hit the show room in 1975 and production continued until 1989. The car was fast, at the time of its introduction it took the crown of the fastest production car available out of Germany. However with the characteristics of a short wheel base, rear wheel, rear engined car it required driver skill to extract all the performance it was capable of.


C16 UK Delivered, 5-Speed G50 Gearbox, 16″ Fuchs Wheels, Drilled Disc Brakes, Heated Linen Leather Seats with Electric Height Adjustment, Electric Mirrors, Electric Windows, Removable Targa Top, Recoil Bumpers, Climate Control, Dash Clock, Blaupunkt Toronto Radio Cassette Player, Amplifier System, Black Velour Carpets in Luggage Compartment, Headlamp Washers.


Finished in a glorious coat of Guards Red this Targa is immediately recognisable as something a little bit special, with its flared rear arches and Whale-Tail rear spoiler alluding to its Turbo underpinnings. The glass rear Targa section has made a resurgence in the latest generation of 911 and its easy to see why; where the cabriolet’s design seems to overlook the 911’s classic curves, the Targa’s form captures it in the most elegant of ways.

Exceptional is the only way to describe the condition of the exterior, free from and discernible blemishes it presents with smooth, striking shine across its surface.


The Linen leather factory ordered seats are a classic option, with a contrasting red piping, they present with in superb condition after a recent interior refresh. The familiar dash arrangement is a welcome sight when climbing into the cabin and presents particularly well retaining many of its original features, with the factory Blaupunkt Toronto stereo and Airbag steering wheel still in place.

Opening up the roof reveals the full benefits of the Targa, allowing the driver to enjoy open top driving without the blustery experience the full cabriolet provides.

Engine & Transmission:

Upon ignition the familiar howl of the flat 6 barks into life and settles confidently to a deep idle. Upon test the car boosts nicely and works up the rev range in earnest, although that revered turbo delivery requires total focus and attention.

The 930/60 here has been subject to a great deal of love and attention over the years, now into its second service book with 28 stamps present, no expense has been spared in the cars maintenance.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes:

The traditional Fuchs wheels are finished in a tonal black and complete the retro appeal of this 930 turbo, with paint and polished rim all in good order.

A matching set of Continental Conti Sport’s are fitted, all with plenty of depth whilst brakes work well with a good amount of material left on both pad and disc.

History File:

This 930 Turbo Targa was delivered new on 07/03/89 by Chariots St Albans and stayed with its first owner until October 1994, when it was purchased the the 2nd and current owner. Since purchasing the car the owner has been meticulous in their servicing and record keeping of the car; with 28 stamps across 2 original service books, supporting invoices going back to 1994 and even a circled cut out of the newspaper advert where the current owner first came across this exceptional example. An official letter from Porsche GB also confirms the rarity of the car, with official figures stating just 22 G50 Turbo Targa’s were destined for the UK market in 1989

Service history is a mixture of OPC and Porsche specialists over the years, with known specialists exclusively servicing the car since 2009. Major works the car has been subject to includes a documented full engine rebuild in 1996, at around 40k miles, and more recently (July 2020) a mechanical refresh which included all new engine gaskets, a new timing chain and much more in an invoice totalling nearly £5k.

Present with the car is a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, complete book pack with 2 stamped service books, an extensive folder of invoices and MOT’s and 2 sets of keys.

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