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1996 Porsche 911 993 GT


Price on Application | Location: United Kingdom

Model History:

Initially built in order to meet homologation requirements for GT2 class racing, the 993 GT was Porsche’s ultimate evolution of the air-cooled 911. Using the 993 Turbo as a base Porsche set about deleting the all wheel drive system to meet the FIA’s new regulations and in turn benefited from significant weight savings to the now rear wheel driver competition car. Aerodynamic changes came in the shape of a revised front bumper and a huge rear wing, with distinct top mounted air intakes, as well as a factory bolt-on widebody which widened the arches to accommodate larger racing tyres.

Changes weren’t limited to the exterior; with the cabin of the car also modified to create substantial weight savings. Rear seats were deleted and the door cards were replaced with lightweight RS alternatives, with the option for a roll cage and bucket seats to also be added as part of the Clubsport package.

The engine remained largely the same as it did in the 993 Turbo, however boost pressure was increased and generated a maximum power output of 424 bhp. Depending on spec the weight reduction to the GT meant it was around 200kg lighter than the Turbo, meaning 0-30 took just 3.7 seconds and top speed increased to 187 mph. In 1998 the GT was further upgraded, with the later models generating over 440 bhp.

On the Track the GT was huge success, racking up wins throughout the GT2 series and podiums in the Le Mans endurance series throughout the 90’s Porsche gave no official production figure for the 993 GT, however it is thought that 193 cars were produced in total, with 139 of those designated as road cars.


Street Version, Carrera GT2, Michelin Tyres, Version For Netherlands, Stronger Battery, Locking Differential 40 %, Automatic Limited Slip Differential, Radio “Duesseldorf RCR 84”, Rear-Wheel Drive, Sports Seat Left Manually Adjustable, Sports Seat Right Manually Adjustable, RS Speedline Wheels 18-Inch, Anti-Theft Device For Wheels, 6-Speed Manual Transmission, Inscriptions In German Language, 92 Litre Tank, Airbag, Driver’s Side And Front Passenger’s Side, Windscreen Tinted, Upper Part Darker Coloured, Air Conditioner, Electric Windows, Power Steering, On-Board Computer.


Presented in its factory designated shade of Polar Silver the aggressive lines of this rare homologation special look spectacular, presenting with deep lustre as the metallic flake glistens under our studio lights. The race-bred design of the 993 GT is unmistakable, with its vast rear wing and top mounted intakes to feed the uprated engine, as well as the factory bolt on arches and aero front bumper which provide additional width to accommodate the track focused wide-section tyres.

Having covered just 19k miles this example presents in superb condition; used predominantly as a road car it is completely accident free with 100% of its original body panels, a rare find given the GTs homologation pedigree and intended use.


Designated as a road car from factory the GT comes in a user friendly ‘comfort’ specification, with hardback sports seats providing a fantastic combination of cushioning and support, upholstered in supple black and grey leather they are free from any signs of creasing or fading with the whole interior factory fresh in terms of condition and smell. Further options come in the shape of air conditioning and a Blaupunkt head unit, unusual but welcome features in such a focused homologation, they provide an extra edge of refinement to an otherwise uncompromising space.

The weight saving over the 993 turbo is in part from the rear seat delete, replaced by red embroidered GT carpets, as well as the lightweight door cards with tonal red door pulls that match the seat belts. The front trunk houses the spare wheel and tool kit while the original sticker is still present on the underside of the bonnet as well as the front page of the service book.

Engine & Transmission:

The ultimate in evolution of Porsche’s revered air-cooled engine, the twin-turbocharged flat 6 of the 993 GT is a masterpiece. Running higher boost than the standard turbo it outputs 424 bhp in a car weighing just 1,300kg, meaning it manages 0-60 in just 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 187 mph, numbers which are impressive without taking into account the fact the GT is now almost 25 years old. Paired to a 6-Speed manual gearbox and limited slip differential, the rear wheel drive set up is an adrenaline induced driving experience that when pressing on requires maximum attention with its complete lack of electronic assistance. Equally however the car is comfortable, docile and easy to drive at lower speeds with plenty of power and enough boost at lower revs.

Having covered just 19k miles throughout its life and designated as a road car it has clearly been cherished, totally dry underneath it retains its matching engine and gearbox numbers from factory. With 12 stamps in its service book backed up by invoicing alongside a recent major service and inspection with Porsche Guildford in December 2020 it offers complete peace of mind.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes:

Completing the lightweight package are a set of 18″ Speedline split rims, with painted centres and polished rims they show in fantastic condition, with the laser etched Speedline logo still clearly visible on each rim.

A brand new set of Michelin Pilot Sport tyres were fitted with the suspension geometry checked and aligned by Porsche Guildford at its most recent service, in addition to this new front brake pads, discs and a brake fluid change ensures the car drives as well as it did the day it left the factory.

History File:

Thought to be 1 of just 139 road designated cars this stunning 993 is a C20 Dutch supplied car, first registered by OPC Leusden on 24/07/1995. Shortly afterwards the car was sold to Japan, where it remained and ultimately resulted in its incredibly condition as it stands today, it was imported to the UK in 2020.

Whilst in Japan the 993 was used very sparingly, covering just over 30,000 km up to 2016 when the car went into storage. Servicing was regular throughout the cars life, so regular that as per the factory recommended 2 year schedule, nearly every visit was carried out in November.

Maintenance has been completed by a combination of Porsche dealers and recognised Porsche specialists at the following intervals;

20/12/1996 – 11,733 km

20/09/1998 – 15,073 km

18/11/1998 – 16,435 km

14/11/2000 – 18,878 km

20/11/2002 – 19,132 km

09/11/2004 – 19,876 km

14/11/2006 – 23,532 km

17/11/2008 – 24,375 km

20/11/2010 – 28,212 km

22/11/2012 – 28,570 km

20/11/2014 – 29,131 km

15/11/2016 – 30,246 km

23/12/2020 – 31,298 km

It’s last visit in 2020 being OPC Guildford for a full inspection, major service and brake fluid change after its 4 year stint in storage and arrival in the UK. The car received a completely clean bill of health with only the wiper blades listed as a note on the report, which were of course duly replaced.

Supplied with the car is the complete original book pack with its original service book in its leather folder and 2 sets of keys.

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