2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

£199,990 | Location: United Kingdom

Furlonger have recently acquired this superb Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, finished in Rosso Scuderia with Nero leather seats, Nero harnesses and Grigio lorica.

The Challenge Stradale (or in Italian 'Challenge Street') was the first of its kind within the range of lightweights Ferrari have produced. Unlike the V8 Challenge cars which were designed for racing or track use unless specified otherwise, the Stradale was the first lightweight V8 with both road and track capability, hence the name meaning 'Challenge Street'. Inspired by the 360 Challenge race car, the Stradale was primarliy focused on improved handling, braking and of course weight reduction, characteristics which are essential in race cars.

Systematic improvements were achieved to the setup and feel of the whole car; throttle response from the digital throttle was ratcheted up and feedback through the steering wheel was enhanced. Carbon Ceramic brakes borrowed from the Enzo, some lower weight parts and a FHP handling pack, enabled the Challenge Stradale to claim a 3.5 second improvement per lap of its Fiorano circuit compared to the Modena.

In total, the Challenge Stradale is up to 110 kg (243 lb) lighter than the standard Modena if all the lightweight options are specified such as deleted radio, lexan (plexiglass) door windows and Alcantara fabric (instead of the leather option). As much as 74 kilograms (207 lb) was taken off on the car by lightening the bumpers, stripping the interior of its sound deadening and carbon mirrors and making the optional Modena carbon seats standard. Resin Transfer Moulding was utilized for the bumpers and skirts, a carry-over from the Challenge cars which resulted in lighter bumpers than on the Modena. The engine and transmission weight was slimmed down 11 kg (24 lb) through the use of a smaller, lighter weight sports exhaust back box and valved exit pipes. The Challenge Stradale also got Brembo carbon ceramic brakes as standard (which later became standard fitment on the F430) which shaved 16 kg off the curb weight and improved handling by reducing unsprung weight and eliminating brake fade. Cars fitted with the centre console stereo option, sub speaker box behind the seats and glass side windows re-gained approximately 30 kg over the best selected options.

Having been supplied to its current owner by Furlonger in 2014, the car is extremely well known to us and benefits from a comprehensive service history, the most recent of which including cambelts in November 2020.

The cars options include Rosso Scuderia exterior paint, Rosso brake callipers, factory Tri-Colore stripe, Giallo brake callipers, Giallo rev counter, Nero racing seats and harnesses, Grigio Lorica dashboard and radio delete.

Service History:

Supplied new by Graypaul – 18/05/2004

Graypaul – 09/05/2005 – 2,123 miles

Graypaul – 17/05/2006 – 4,088 miles

Graypaul – 30/05/2007 – 5,573 miles

Graypaul – 07/05/2008 – 7,125 miles

Graypaul – 24/04/2009 – 7,685 miles

Graypaul – 22/04/2010 – 8,512 miles

Graypaul – 18/03/2011 – 9,504 miles

Maranello – 20/03/2012 – 10,812 miles

Maranello – 25/03/2013 – 11,552 miles

Furlonger – 03/04/2014 – 12,145 miles

Furlonger – 12/11/2016 – 12,652 miles

Furlonger – 04/01/2019 – 12,955 miles

Furlonger – 10/11/20 – 13,160 miles (cambelts)

This cherished example is accompanied by its original Schedoni leather bookpack, manuals and handbooks, stamped service handbook, torch and complete tool kit. Also present are both original keys, two black fobs and red master fob.

This presents an excellent opportunity to purchase a Challenge Stradale with low mileage and a comprehensive service history. 1 of just 119 U.K. delivered examples and 1,288 worldwide, completely prepared and ready for delivery.

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