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2006 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

£124,995 | Location: United Kingdom

Model History:

The ‘RS’ badge holds the greatest fascination for Porsche fans and has been applied sparingly to 6 generations of Porsche cars since the 70s instantly turning these machines into motoring legends.

First introduced in 1972 to homologate the 911 Carrera 2.7. Porsches focus has never changed throughout the decades and each RS car goes through a strict weight loss program focused on race series homologation or more recently, in creating the ultimate in track focused driving tools.

The 911 GT3 RS (type 997) was introduced in 2006 based on the existing GT3 and introduced as a homologation special. The RS was of course lighter, 20Kgs lighter, achieved by the use of an adjustable carbon fibre wing, a plastic engine cover and a lightweight plastic rear window. The resulting weight 1,379Kg giving the car a 300bhp per tonne power to weight ratio. The 3.6 Metzger engine from the GT3 remained unchanged but instead coupled to a close ratio 5 speed gearbox with a single mass flywheel allowing it to rev more freely.

The paint scheme and body panels were specifically designed for the RS and its new body was wider by 44mm at the rear allowing for an increase in the rear track and as such improving directional stability but also cornering grip and roll. The wheel base was also extended 5mm for further stability, all this combined with factory issued super sticky Michelin Cup tyres and increased down force from the rear wing made for a formidable road or track machine.

It is estimated that only 1,106 Gen 1 GT3 RS’ were produced between 2006-2009, making it a rarity in comparison to successors; with nearly twice as many gen 2 cars produced (2,000) and over 4 times as many 991’s (4,500).


C22 LHD, 6-Speed Manual, Ceramics (PCCB), Porsche Cup Exhaust System, Porsche Motorsport Catalytic Converter, Porsche Motorsport Silencer, Orange Roll Cage, Sports Chrono Plus, Sports Mode, Electronic Damper Control (PASM), 19″ Black Alloys, Carbon Fibre Front Vent, Carbon Fibre Bucket Seats, Leather Dash, Alcantara Sports Steering Wheel, Alcantara Gear Lever, Alcantara Handbrake, Porsche CDR 24, Radio, CD Player, Climate Control, Air Conditioning, Bi-Xenon Headlights, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Floor Mats, Top Tint Windscreen, Headlight Cleaning System, Driver + Passenger Airbags, Side Airbags.


Finished from factory in Pure Orange, this example of Porsche’s legendary GT3 RS is a real head-turner. The paintwork of this example shows in fantastic condition; with no more than a couple of stone chips to note it still retains a vibrant, glossy finish that amplifies the Porsche’s iconic curves.

Contrasting black is used throughout the car as part of its factory colour specification, visible on the door mirrors and rear spoiler ends to match decals and wheels. Smatterings of carbon fibre heighten the motorsport feel; with a factory specified carbon intake at the front and a huge spoiler perfectly framing the widened rear end. The 997.1 was the first production RS to use the wider Turbo body shell and arguably the prettiest of any of the modern 911 RS specials.


The black interior is in excellent condition, free of any tears or major marks. The bucket seats are composed of carbon fibre composite and provide maximum support, with their deep contours and tactical cushioning they are a great combination of weight saving and comfort. The RS spec tonal orange roll cage consumes the rear of the car, contrasting brilliantly against the black interior and a reminder to any occupants that this is no ordinary 911.

Alcantara is used for the steering, wheel gear lever, handbrake, door cards and headliner and provides a sense of race car aesthetics along side generous factory options of luxury to include extended leather, covering the dashboard and door tops.

Air Conditioning and the Porsche PCM 2 system (CD/Sat-Nav) are also a welcome feature of this GT3, with the slight compromise in weight being vastly overshadowed by the comfort and usability it creates for such a focused road car.

Engine & Transmission:

The exceptionally powerful, rear-mounted, horizontally-opposed, ‘boxer’ 6-cylinder engine in the RS is shared with the standard GT3, but revs up even more dynamically and spontaneously. Paired to an 6-Speed manual gearbox the driving experience is exceptional; changes are slick and precise all the way through, adding to the wonderfully connected feel of the car. This example is also fitted with a £11k full Porsche Cup exhaust system, which includes Porsche Motorsport catalytic converters and silencers, making the distinct rasp of the 3.6l Flat-6 is an altogether more sonorous affair.

With 7 stamps in the original service book, all from Porsche main dealers, mechanical condition of this GT3 is impeccable.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes:

The 19-inch wheels are finished in black, matching the body-side RS emblems, they present in pristine condition and are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres.

Specified with Ceramic Brakes the stopping power on this track special is immense, bringing the GT3 to a halt remarkably quickly and efficiently.

History File:

This GT3 RS was first supplied in Belgium on 08/11/2006, where the car remained under the care of 2 keepers, before being imported to the UK in 2018. The car has been serviced exclusively by Porsche main dealers, with 7 stamps in the original service book at the following intervals;

23/09/09 – 13,356 km (8,299 miles)
31/05/11 – 15,135 km (9,404 miles)
17/07/13 – 18,541 km (11,520 miles)
22/01/15 – 22,089 km (13,725 miles)
23/06/17 – 26,708 km (16,595 miles)
17/11/17 – 27,631 km (17,169 miles)
20/11/19 – 29,022 km (18,034 miles)

A rev range report has also been carried out in house and is available upon request.

Present with the car is a complete book pack with leather folder, stamped service book, V5 and 2 sets of keys.

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