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2007 Aston Martin Vanquish S

Price on Application

Location: United Kingdom

This very low mileage LHD Vanquish S has had only 2 owners (2nd from 2008, purchased at 3681 Kms) and comes complete with a FAMSH including invoices of all work undertaken since new.

Regularly detailed with AutoGlym and Swissvax plus ceramic protection completed in 2017, it has been maintained regardless of cost and is well known to those in the AMOC of the region. As such it represents a fantastic opportunity to purchase what must surely be one of the best kept Aston Martin Vanquish S on the road today.

The owner is well known to us here at Aston Workshop and we can confidently state that there is unlikely to be a finer example anywhere. If you are looking for an LHD Vanquish S, you simply won't find better,

Aston Martin Vanquish in this condition are almost impossible to find, we anticipate a great deal of interest and viewing is by appointment only.
For further information, please contact a member of our sales team: +44 (01207) 233 525


Aston Martin’s hand-built 6.0-litre V12 is renowned as one of the finest engines in the world: enormously powerful, smooth and beautiful.

It can also lay claim to being the world’s best-sounding high-performance car engine.
In the Vanquish S, it reaches its zenith.

Maximum power is 520 bhp (388 kW) at 7000rpm, with maximum torque of 425 lb-ft (577 Nm) at 5800rpm.

Such power delivers a sterling performance.

Indeed, this is the fastest-ever road-going Aston Martin. Top speed is more than 200 mph (321 km/h), the 0-62mph (100km/h) dash is accomplished in only 4.8 seconds while 0-100 mph (160 km/h) takes just 9.8

But it is the mid-range acceleration that is truly sensational; 50-70mph (80-112 km/h) takes only 6.5 seconds in sixth gear. Overtaking is effortless.

A key factor in the engine’s efficiency is its high-speed multiplex communications system, called PTEC (Power Train Electronic Control), which is capable of transmitting information in four one-thousandths of a second.

There are two PTECs, one for each bank of cylinders, linked by a high-speed system that controls the fuel injection and spark timing.

Engine changes in the Vanquish S include new cylinder head castings with revised inlet ports and combustion chambers with revised profiles to improve airflow. A remapped engine management system, together with new fuel injectors and spark plugs takes advantage of this improved airflow.

Finally, new hot forged connecting rods have been designed to handle the increased cylinder pressure.

As you would expect, the Vanquish S Engine meets all emissions requirements worldwide, including California’s strict LEV (low emissions vehicle) standards.

There is no mechanical link between the Vanquish S throttle pedal and engine. Instead, the movement of the throttle is electronically measured to gauge how fast the driver wishes to go. This information is then fed to the Engine Management System which makes the Engine respond accordingly.

The PTEC system links constantly to the six-speed manual transmission, which is operated by an electrohydraulic gearshift. Unlike some systems, the Vanquish S allows the driver to ‘skip’ down changes from say, sixth to fourth or fifth to second with a pull on the paddle for each gear change.

A failsafe system ensures the engine will not over-rev and will automatically opt for the next highest ratio.

The driver has a number of gear change modes to choose from...

In Select Shift Manual (SSM) mode, the driver shifts gears up and down using the steering column-mounted shift paddles (right to upshift, left to downshift). The only time the system intervenes for the driver is at the red line when the computer automatically upshifts.

Additionally, there is Auto Shift Manual (ASM) mode, in which the computer takes care of all gear selections according to engine and road speed without driver intervention.

But even in ASM mode, subtle use of the throttle can induce gear changes to enhance the driving experience.

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