2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

£179,990 | Location: United Kingdom

Furlonger have recently acquired this awesome Ferrari 430 Scuderia finished in the iconic Rosso Scuderia over Nero with Rosso Stitching.

After the launch of their first formidable lightweight V8, the 360 Challenge Stradale in the early 2000’s, Ferrari was of course determined to produce another hard-core V8 lightweight, but this time for the F430. Dubbed the ‘Scuderia’ meaning ‘Stable’, paying homage to Ferraris prancing horse as well motor racing terms, its announcement in 2007 took the world by storm as the media and journalists frantically tried to get in the driver’s seat and experience what the Challenge Stradale’s successor was capable of. After being teased with a top speed of 199 mph and a 0-60 time under 3.6 seconds, it was evident that even before a review had taken place that Ferrari had accomplished yet another road car with a track orientated focus.

As expected, the Scuderia consisted of multiple changes and enhancements over the standard car, the most obvious being its exterior which now featured a more attractive, aggressive design. Although Ferraris looks can kill, more important was what lay underneath and made this car so special. The fundamental element was of course its engine, which featured a variety of updates to produce more power including a revised intake, exhaust and an ion-sensing knock-detection system that allows for a higher compression ratio in the engine. Coupled with engine is the impressive F1 paddle operated single clutch gearbox which is so efficient that it gives the impression of driving a car with a dual clutch system. The ‘Superfast’ gearbox is capable of shifting between gears in a mere 60ms!

Although power hasn’t increased drastically over the standard F430, the Scuderia benefits from revised aero and far less weight, thus delivering an improved power to weight ratio along with increased stability. By stripping out the cockpit with metal floors, multiple pieces of carbon fibre both inside and out of the cockpit as well as various other elements the overall weight saving is just shy of 100kg.

The Scuderias aerodynamic efficiency goes hand in hand with the above. The car now featured a newly shaped central vent which rams more air effectively under the car and bleeds out the rear via its 6 F1 derived diffuser fins. Thanks to these elements along with the slightly larger boot lip spoiler, the overall aero package creates a staggering 310kg of downforce at 186 mph, 30kg more than that of the standard F430.

The Scuderia is effectively the last of its kind, an in-between for both modern and modern-classic of lightweight Ferraris which delivers modern level performance yet maintains all of the exciting characteristics of an older car. Arguably, The Scuderia is one of the most superb, modern lightweight drivers-cars ever made.

This example features a wonderful specification including 3D Tessuto carbon fibre racing seats finished in Nero (Cordura) with Rosso and Nero 3D fabric centres, Rosso 4 point harnesses, carbon fibre door sills, carbon fibre headlight buckets, Bluetooth for mobile phone, handy fire extinguisher, Rosso Scuderia brake callipers, Giallo rev counter, Carbon fibre steering wheel + shift LED’s, Racing stripe, driver seat adjustment device, tyre pressure measurement system and front end PPF.

With a mere 164 cars making their way to the UK’s shores in their production period and multiple cars being exported to other RHD countries, it is likely that there are very little left available in the UK today. Recently prepared and serviced within Furlonger workshops, this fantastic car is ready to find a new home.

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