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2010 Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni

£129,995 | Location: United Kingdom

Model History:

The Lamborghini Gallardo was launched in 2003, and by 2013, when it was replaced by the Huracán, it had become the Italian company’s all-time best-selling model.

The first generation Gallardo was equipped with a V10 engine, mid-positioned and with a capacity of 5 litres. It was fitted with all-wheel drive and was offered with either a conventional six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed electro-hydraulic semi-automatic robotized ‘E-gear’ system.

The second generation LP 560-4 Gallardo was launched in 2007, with an increased engine capacity of 5.2 litres, a new direct fuel injection system to improve efficiency, and a refreshed exterior design.

One of many special limited editions of the Gallardo was the LP 550-2 Balboni, launched in 2009 and named after long-time Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni who worked under Ferrucio Lamborghini himself in the 1960s. The big change here and what makes this model stand out from other special editions was the introduction of rear-wheel-drive, which caused a significant reduction in kerb weight of 120 kg and took Lamborghini back to its roots.

The E-gear transmission (re-calibrated for this model) remained optional, and there was also a redeveloped 45% limited-slip rear differential with asymmetrical locking. Steel disc brakes were fitted as standard, with carbon ceramics available as an optional extra.

Other differences from the standard Gallardo included full leather black upholstery with white colour strips, a centre console in Polar white leather, and a broad white stripe edged on one side with gold running down the centre of the car. A badge bearing the signature of Balboni himself plus the production number of the car featured on the car’s bodywork.

A transparent engine cover, rear view camera, navigation system with Bluetooth and a lifting system for the front axle that made it easier to drive over obstacles were all fitted as standard.


RHD, Front Axle Lift, Arancio Borealis Paint, Factory Stripe, 19″ OZ Supertourismo Alloys, Drilled Discs, Black Callipers, E Gear / Paddle Shift Transmission, Heated and Electric Seats, Black Leather with Contrast White Details, Extended Leather, Doors, Dashboard, Tunnel, Headlining, Sills, Sat-Nav, Reversing Camera, Climate Control, Radio, Bluetooth, I-Pod + SD Input, ESP Sport + Corsa, Trip Computer, Driver + Passenger Airbags, Electric Windows + Mirrors.


The Arancio Borealis paintwork shows in wonderful condition and is a perfect match with the angular and aggressive lines of this raging bull. The rich, vibrant orange paintwork remains free of marks or chips largely thanks to the tactically applied front end paint protection film, which covers the front bumper, bonnet, wings and pillars.

Running the centre of the car a white and gold offset stripe follows the fierce form of the Gallardo; a considered styling addition that works beautifully and makes this special edition immediately distinguishable from its peers.


Upon opening the drivers door it becomes immediately apparent that the cabin of the Gallardo is a rather special place to be. Gallardo emblazoned sill strips are a delightful welcome as you sink into the Nero Perseus leather seats, which are beautifully detailed with contrasting white leather stripes and stitching. The monochromatic contrast continues with the lavish leather combination being extended to the dashboard, tunnel, headlining, doors and sills. Fighter Jet style switches sit centrally in the cockpit, dramatic yet tactile, they sum up the eccentric charm of the Lamborghini brand in prefect fashion.

Subtly placed just to the rear of the drivers seat a plaque bearing Valentino Balboni’s signature and production number highlights the significance of this 1 of 250 limited edition.

Engine & Transmission:

Upon ignition there is no doubt that this is serious business as the car barks into life and settles immediately to a V10 warble, a quick pull of the right paddle shift engages 1st gear and the car pulls away with a minimum of fuss – no shunt or hesitation. Specific to this model the exhaust baffles open up at around 4k and an intense howl follows which becomes totally addictive as you press on.

As requested by Valentino himself the Balboni was designed to be a drivers car and so it was the first rear-wheel-drive road-going Lamborghini since the Diablo SV, a gap of more than 15 years. Driver focus continues with the pared back driver aids; CORSA and SPORT buttons offer a more responsive throttle and engine map without affecting the minimal electronic aids (suspension) to create a truly involving driving experience.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes:

Contrasting the bright coachwork a set of Anthracite OZ Supertourismo wheels complete the performance aesthetic and present free from any discernible imperfections. All four corners wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero rubber which have plenty of miles left in them. Brakes are in excellent order and perform well under test whilst the subtle black callipers sit free from fading or chips.

History File:

This car was supplied new by Lamborghini Singapore and subsequently returned to the supplying dealer for it’s first 4 services until it was exported to the UK in February 2016. Since being imported the car has been serviced twice by Lamborghini main dealers, with the service book stamped at the following intervals;

01/07/11 – Lamborghini Singapore – 6,895 km

07/09/12 – Lamborghini Singapore – 11,575 km

22/05/14 – Lamborghini Singapore – 20,947 km

28/05/15 – Lamborghini Singapore – 31,215 km

28/02/17 – Lamborghini Sevenoaks – 33,606 km

09/07/19 – Lamborghini Tunbridge Wells – 34,586 km (Major Service)

MOT history shows the car has been used sparingly since arriving in the UK, covering less than 1.5k miles since being imported. For most of the past year the car has resided in storage, covering just over 300 miles since the major service was undertaken.

Present with the car is the complete original book pack with stamped service book, UK service invoices with inspection reports and 2 sets of keys.

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