2015 Land Rover Defender

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Location: United Kingdom

End-of-production 1 of 100 Autobiography Editions

The Defenders are one of the most robust and long running production cars ever, after being continuously produced for 67 years, until Jan 2016. Over 2 million were produced, and in recognition of such an incredible and storied past they decided to produce some Limited Editions for the 2015 and final year.

They produced 400 Heritage Editions, 600 Adventure Editions, and the rarest of the bunch was the Autobiography Edition. Exclusively available in the 90 inch wheelbase format, the purpose was to provide the ever-present utilitarian qualities the car had, and ability, with an extreme level of comfort considered into the equation too.

On top of the creature comforts they thought it sensible to increase power up compared to any other cars, resulting in 150BHP, and importantly for such a car there was 400Nm of torque. So purrs along wonderfully on the road and inside you feel ever so comfy as she has leather everywhere, heated seats, perforated leather steering wheel, aluminium door handles and air vent bezels.

Our car is an extremely low mileage example of these Autobiography Edition cars, the rarest and most collectible end-of-production Defenders.