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2019 McLaren Senna

£669,995 | Location: United Kingdom

Model History:

Unveiled online By McLaren on 10 December 2017 the Senna (Project P15 Aina) was to the the 3rd car in the McLaren Ultimate series, following on from the P1 and legendary F1. Named after the late Ayrton Senna the McLaren was built to commemorate his legendary success with the McLaren F1 Team between 1988 – 1993, winning 3 world titles with 35 race wins and 4 team constructors championship.

The Senna was the next evolution of hypercar, designed with focus to achieve faster lap times than its predecessors by utilising ultra lightweight design and advanced aerodynamics. Its central design debuted a new generation of McLaren’s carbon fibre monocoque named MonoCage III, which contributed substantially to the cars low curb weight, as did the minimalist interior which featured a full carbon fibre construction with full racing style seats to to help save precious grams.

Active aerodynamics helped to make the most of the reduced weight, with the adjustable rear wing controlling downforce depending on drivers settings as well as doubling as an airbrake on the track. A new generation of Brembo’s carbon ceramic brakes featured on the Senna; the compound has three and a half times better thermal conductivity than before meaning a smaller, more efficient set-up. Further updates came in the shape of McLaren’s hydraulic RaceActive Chassis Control II (RCC II) suspension along with double-wishbone control arms which worked with the active aerodynamics for ultimate track performance.

Power came courtesy of McLaren’s 4L Twin turbocharged V8, codenamed the M840TR. The engine produces 789 bhp and 590 lb⋅ft of torque, all transferred to the rear wheels via a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission. The increased power and reduced weight, tipping the scales at just 1,374kg, meant the McLaren Senna had a limited top speed of 211mph and could manage 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds.

In total just 500 cars rolled off the Woking production line, with a basic list price of £750,000, all of which sold out pre production.


MSO Bespoke Paint in Nerello Red (£13,500), MSO Bespoke Painted Detailing Volcano Red (£41,700), MSO Bespoke VCF Exterior Panel (£13,333), MSO Bespoke Painted Centre Lock Wheels (£2,500), MSO Bespoke Painted Front Aero (£3,000), MSO Bespoke Painted Rear Wing End Plate (£3,000), MSO Bespoke VCF Steering Wheel (£5,267), MSO Bespoke Painted Door Strut (£1,251) Bespoke Painted Interior Details (£5,430), MSO Bespoke Logo on VCF Sill (£1,600), MSO Defined Satin Carbon Fibre Sill Panel (£4,500), MSO Bespoke Door Strap, Exterior Door Upper Gorilla Glass (£2,220), Door Lower Panel Gorilla Glass (£3,460), 6-Point Harnesses (£2,750), Bower & Wilkins 7 Speaker Audio (£5,550), McLaren Track Telemetry (£3,480), Rear Bulkhead Upper – Glass, Aero Bade/Fender Inner – Red, Exhaust Heatshield – Dark Stealth, By McLaren – Carbon Black Alcantara/Red Perf, Seat Size – Touring, Steering Wheel – Carbon Black Alcantara, 3-Point Seatbelt – Black, Air Conditioning, Ultra Lightweight 9-Spoke Wheels, Parking Sensors, Reverse Camera, Vehicle Tracking System, TPMS, Branded Floor Mat Set, Fire Extinguisher, Car Cover, Warning Triangle, First Aid Kit.


Crafted with millimetre precision, the intricate, aggressive form of the McLaren Senna is one of the most focused pieces of design ever to be fitted with a set of number plates. The third car to be released in McLaren’s ultimate series the Senna carries over the traditional dihedral doors, as well as a roof mounted intake inspired by the legendary McLaren F1.

Specified with over £115k of MSO options this Senna is a sensational example; with the contrasting two-tone scheme of Volcano and Nerello Red perfectly capturing the complex array of intakes and scoops that create the cars dramatic lines. The contrasting red shades are broken up only by the exposed carbon fibre of the MonoCage III monocoque and unique glass door inserts, allowing a view straight through the centre of the car.

The depth of the Nerello paint is outstanding and the colour constantly changing with every glance and contour change, from a deep dark red, almost black to then a rich vibrant sparkle brought about by the intense use of metallic flake made even more prominent in the sunlight. You’d think this would be enough for even the most enthusiastic of creator but with the further addition of the Volcano detailing it highlights even more areas of the intricate body, so much so it’s hard to look away.

Protruding from the rear of the car the active rear spoiler sits as the highest point of the car; automatically changing its rake and position whilst on the move the vast wing provides incredible levels of downforce whilst doubling up as an airbrake on the track.

Having covered just over 1,800 miles condition of the McLaren is immaculate; benefitting from full PPF the £55k MSO paintwork has not only been specified to perfection but perfectly preserved.


Entering the cabin of the Senna is like stepping into the future, with a cacophony of carbon fibre, screens and glass, closer resembling the controls of a spaceship than the seat of a car. Swinging open the dramatic dihedral doors reveals the exposed carbon weave of the monocoque, behind which sit two racing seats with tactically placed padding to minimise weight whilst still remaining comfortable. Volcano red pinstripes adorn the seat edge, steering wheel and centre control panel in keeping with the exterior paint theme, whilst glass inserts in the roof and doors flood the space with light.

Facing the driver sit two separate displays; a fixed screen angled at the driver to control the navigation and entertainment system whilst the second sits directly behind the wheel, displaying all of the cars vitals it can transformed at the press of a button, rotating to a smaller race focused display to give maximum visibility with minimum disruption. Discreetly placed in the roof of the car is a separate control panel, featuring a red start button and another to activate race mode, here is where the door handles are also located making every outing in the McLaren an event and more in keeping with a flight cockpit.

Although the Senna is a focused track machine it isn’t without it luxuries, with air conditioning and a premium Bower & Wilkins sound system making trips on the road a comfortable experience.

Engine & Transmission:

Mclaren's well honed 4L twin turbocharged V8 was a logical step, but the team at McLaren weren’t quite satisfied with the then 710 bhp output. By the time the engine made it into the Senna it was an incredible 789 bhp and 590 lb⋅ft of torque, all transferred to the rear wheels via a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission.

Press the start button and the engine erupts into life before settling into a subdued idle thanks to its unique titanium and inconel exhaust system. Give it some revs and the whole car comes to life with a sonorous howl; flying through the gears at it hits 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds onto its limited top speed on 211 mph.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes:

Contrasting the vibrant red paintwork, the lightweight 19″ alloys are finished in a coat gloss black with red centre locks to fit the McLaren’s track focused design. Tyres are courtesy of of Pirelli, with a premium set of P-Zero Trofeo R’s providing exceptional levels of grip in partnership with the advanced aerodynamics and hydraulic suspension.

Tonal black callipers show through the spokes, as do the impressive ceramic discs; featuring a compound with three and a half times better thermal conductivity the Brembo supplied system was said to be the next generation of ceramic, offering superior performance with reduced mass.

History File:

1 of just 500 cars built, this McLaren Senna must be one of the most highly specific examples to leave factory, with over £115k of MSO options equipped. The car was delivered by McLaren Ascot on 19/07/19 as a late production chassis, number 459 due to the 6 month timeframe for the owner to curate the build, insistent to carefully select every detail to build his ultimate interpretation of the Senna. The original build invoice present with the car outlines the extensive option list, showing a total price of over £865,000.

Since taking delivery the owner has used the car sparingly, covering just 1,832 miles to date, mostly for events which included the 2019 Salon Privé where the car won the inaugural Lockton Club Trophy for the ‘Club Best in Show’ along with the Manufacturers Trophy for the Mclaren brand.

The car received its first service with the supplying dealer on 26/08/2020 at 1,603 miles and still has the balance of its manufacturer 3 year warranty, valid till July 2022.

Included in the sale is also the registration P15 RKT, which refers to the internal build code of the Senna – Project P15 Aina.

Present with the car is the original service book, Salon Prive trophies, McLaren car Cover, V5 and a complete set of keys.

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