Anthony Sinclair

Black Grenadine Necktie


Grenadine silk is a rare woven fabric produced on ancient wooden jacquard looms. the weave is characterised by its light, open, gauze-like feel, and is often mistaken as a knitted rather than woven material. Grenadine neckties are considered to be more formal than knits, but are equally versatile. They formed a staple part of Sean Connery's wardrobe in the early Bond films.

If you would like a monogram embroidered, or the desired size is not listed, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for further information.

Made-to-order: Ties will be dispatched two weeks from the point of ordering.

Fabric: 100% Silk Grenadine, produced in Como, Italy

Style: Grenadine Weave Necktie

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