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1938 Aston Martin 15/98

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Location: United Kingdom

Aston-Martin 15/98 short chassis B8/845/SO is a beautiful example of the model. An older restoration that has benefited from an Ecurie engine re-build in 2017, this car retains a huge amount of the original parts making it one of the nicest original specifications15/98s. The engine was built to modern specification internally with steel conrods and a balanced crankshaft running in all shell bearings and a new Ecurie Bertelli cylinder block however the engine retains the original air filter and Scintilla magneto. Carefully maintained and used over the years with the occasional rally such as the 2012 Flying Scotsman this car performs very well, is comfortable and very capable as a tourer and occasional rally car. The older restoration is starting to acquire a little patina but everything is still in good tidy order. The car comes with a history file and is well known to Ecurie Bertelli.

The 2-litre engine, which even in the 1930s was producing just under 100bhp (the 98 part of the 15/98), has significant torque allowing effortless cruising, rapid hill climbing and high speed over special stages. The handling is superb, in no small part down to sharing the front suspension including an all-new axle with the Speed Model. The Girling rod brakes are some of the best brakes to be found on any car with great feel and power. The Moss gearbox is very similar to that found in an XK120, with its synchromesh is much quieter than the previous straight-cut Aston-Martin gearboxes. These attributes, along with good luggage capacity, weather equipment and generous interior space and leg room of any pre-war Aston makes this the ideal rally and touring car.

This is car is 100% ready to be enjoyed by a new owner and the perfect introduction to pre-war Aston-Martin ownership.

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