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First World War Wooden Propeller c.1916


An extremely rare four-blade propeller from a Vickers Vernon aircraft. The Vickers Vernon was a British biplane troop carrier used by the Royal Air Force. It entered service in 1921, and was the first dedicated troop transport of the RAF. The Vernon was a development of the Vickers Vimy Commercial, a passenger variant of the famous Vickers Vimy bomber, and was powered by twin Napier Lion engines or Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII engines.

Only 55 were built. In February 1923, Vernons of Nos. 45 and 70 Squadrons RAF airlifted nearly 500 troops to Kirkuk, Iraq after the civilian area of that town had been overrun by Kurdish forces. This was the first-ever strategic airlift of troops. Vernons of No. 45 Squadron had bomb racks and sights fitted. In May 1924 the squadron was officially designated No. 45 (Bombing) Sqdn. Vernons were replaced by Vickers Victorias from 1927. A very rare opportunity to own an exquisite example of British craftsmanship at its very best.

Width: 320cm
Depth: 17cm

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