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Goldfinger (1964)

While the Bond franchise started with Dr. No, and continued with the hugely entertaining From Russia with Love, it didn't really hit its stride until the third movie in the series, the incomparable Goldfinger. This was the film that firmly established many of the James Bond hallmarks, such as the outlandish and colorful gadgets, the larger-than-life über-villains, and the impressive cars (this one featured the legendary Aston-Martin). Add to the mix the the already-present traditions, including the exotic locales, the suave leading man, and of course, the always electrifying beauty of the Bond girls. In many ways, this movie set the standard for all Bond films to follow, and many fans still consider this the pinnacle of the series. This is one of the rarest & most collectable posters of the franchise. Printed in very small numbers for use in Ireland. The design featured a graphic hand rather than the more racy original image of a naked, gold covered Shirley Eaton. Un-restored folded-as-issued condition.

Title: Goldfinger
Actor: Sean Connery, Gert Fröbe
Year: 1964
Condition: Linen-backed
Type: Original British Quad

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