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Three Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lithographs

Burnhingham, John.
Three Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lithographs
Queen Anne Press, [London, 2014]


Three lithographs signed and numbered by John Burningham, each number 8 of 15. The prints are from a limited run of lithographs produced alongside the Queen Anne Press's deluxe edition of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang published in 2014. The deluxe edition, for which Burningham reworked his original illustrations, was released to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of the first Chitty Chitty Bang Bang adventure. Included in the deluxe edition were two lithographs printed in a smaller format. The prints depict the car crashing, flying, and sailing, and are referred to by the Press under the titles "Gangsters", "Flying Car", and "Ship" respectively.


Three lithograph prints on art paper (297 x 420 mm).


A fine set.

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