1990 Ferrari Testarossa

Price: £89,950.00 | Location: London

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Though it appears one in three old Porsches on the road today has had some form of gentle tinkering, inspired either by a slick Los Angeles restomod outfit or a bearded Northerner repatriated to the same land, the gently upgraded Ferrari is a lesser seen beast.

In the case of this 1990 Ferrari Testarossa, subtle tweaks differentiate it from the norm and enhance the character of this wailing 12 cylinder wedge perfectly. 

Aesthetically, the stance is a smidge lower than factory for a more aggressive look, though the most notable change is the revised front end with 512 TR inspired front bumper paired with a carbon fibre front splitter.

To the rear, a custom Perspex engine cover now does a far better job of showing off the V12 beneath, which sounds biblical due to perhaps this car’s finest addition - a switchable Kreissieg exhaust. Perhaps even quieter than stock when you want it to be, a flick of the switch unleashes the wailing F1 car within - see SeenThroughGlass’s footage here for a taste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdHvATmu5EU&t=335s

The car was registered new to Italy in 1990 and shipped to Japan in 1991 before arriving in the UK on 6th August 2015. The car has a good history file documenting its life and maintenance, and was recently subjected to a thorough programme of works by renowned specialist Terry Hoyle. This work was completed on 29th July 2020 and saw the engine and gearbox removed (with the engine bay and underside of engine cleaned) and new cambelts fitted alongside new alternator belt and aircon belt, as well as brake work, throttle balancing and other maintenance.

Having covered some 96,216 kilometres, this is a special Testarossa that is begging to be driven.