Affiliate Disclosure

Mason & Sons Inc (“Mason & Sons,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) provides this Affiliate Compensation Disclosure for US.MASONANDSONS.COM, encompassing both mobile and online versions of our websites (collectively referred to as the “Site”). This disclosure is aimed at revealing Mason & Sons' financial ties with our Affiliates.

This disclosure has been prominently displayed on the Site or linked to in a post or article because Mason & Sons engages in monetary and other compensatory arrangements with Affiliates for various partnerships, insertion orders, and promotional campaigns showcased on the Site. Hence, a paid relationship exists between each Service referenced, reviewed, or recommended on this Site and the respective Affiliate (i.e., the owner of the third-party product or service). If you opt to purchase a product or service mentioned on the Site, Mason & Sons may receive additional compensation from the Affiliate. We have diligently strived to ensure that all statements regarding products or services on this Site are truthful and accurate.

The Site publishes or promotes content, including editorial content, which may highlight third-party products and services (referred to as “Affiliate Products”) and link to third-party websites where you can procure these products. Whenever you click on a link to an Affiliate’s Product on the Site and proceed to purchase it on the Affiliate’s website, Mason & Sons will receive compensation from the Affiliate. The content showcasing Affiliate Product(s) may not always be labeled as paid or sponsored content, and the compensation we receive from Affiliates may impact the content, topics, or posts we publish on the Site and their placement.

All products and services featured on the Site reflect our genuine opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences, irrespective of whether we receive compensation from the partnership or purchase of Affiliate Products, as outlined above.

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