Oliver Goldsmith

the story

Established in 1926, the 4th generation of the Oliver Goldsmith family now designs some of the world's most beautiful eyewear, whilst continuing to produce iconic styles that have been worn by luminaries such as Michael Caine and Audrey Hepburn.



The Oliver Goldsmith spectacle frame collection features a number of iconic designs, such as the Vice Consul - worn by Peter Sellers in the 1960s.



The "Lord" frame by Oliver Goldsmith is one of the world's most recognised optical designs, having been famously worn by screen legend Michael Caine.



Introducing: Oliver Goldsmith

After almost a century in the optical industry, Oliver Goldsmith is a brand rooted in British heritage. With knowledge that has been passed down through four generations, the company remains committed to crafting some of the most exquisite eyewear in the world.


Eye Spy: The Bespectacled Secret Agent

Within the vast realm of spy fiction, a unique allure surrounds the archetype of the bespectacled secret agent.