How to Colour Code Black Tie


With party season not too far ahead of us, we thought it would be useful to run a review of the various options available when the dress code reads, "Black Tie". 


Midnight Blue Dinner Suit by Anthony Sinclair (View)

The story obviously has to start at the beginning, with the first outfit we ever see James Bond wearing on screen. The midnight blue (not black) dinner suit with distinctive silk cuffs, tailored by Anthony Sinclair for Sean Connery, created the definitive 007 look that's as relevant today as it was six decades ago.


Sean Connery in "Goldfinger" (1964)

For many, Goldfinger remains the most stylish of all Bond films, and Connery's wardrobe certainly played a starring role. The ecru dinner jacket is of course a memorable piece and looked incredible... particularly given that he had just been swimming underwater in it. 


Ecru Peak Lapel Dinner Jacket by Anthony Sinclair (view)

Connery's Bond appeared not to favour black for black-tie. The character moved from midnight blue to ecru, and for his final appearance as 007 returned to blue again - but this time it was velvet.


Sean Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever" (1971)

The shawl collar velvet jacket has been recreated by Anthony Sinclair and is available in the original midnight blue, but can be made from a wide range of colour options.


Midnight Blue "DAF" Velvet Jacket by Anthony Sinclair (view)

Sean Connery temporarily suspended his license to kill after filming "You Only Live Twice" in 1967, and was replaced by Australian actor George Lazenby, who wore an Anthony Sinclair suit at his audition for the role. Another tailor was chosen to produce his wardrobe for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969), but Lazenby was finally fitted for an Anthony Sinclair dinner suit in 2016 for a red carpet event to celebrate the digital remastering of the film.


George Lazenby in his Anthony Sinclair bespoke dinner suit (2016)

Although he is a colourful character, Lazenby decided to go black for his black-tie ensemble. The single-breasted peak-lapel dinner jacket was worn over a waistcoat with a "horseshoe" front, allowing plenty of shirt-front to be shown while presenting an elegant alternative to a cummerbund. A made-to-order version of the design is available from Pope & Bradley.


Three-Piece Peak Lapel Dinner Suit by Pope & Bradley (view)

The Pope & Bradley dinner suit can also be made in midnight blue with matching silk facings. Various colours and patterns of linings are also available.... Steve McQueen chose a polka dot for his suit in "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968).


Steve McQueen in "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968)

The civil, military and naval tailoring business, Pope & Bradley, was established in 1903, and is therefore well-versed in cutting classic clothes, but the founder was dedicated to dressing the "man of to-day" and embraced the influence of fashion, even if traditionalists sometimes disapproved.


 Daniel Craig turns black-tie pink (2021)

Being great advocates of double-breasted styling, Pope & Bradley have satisfied several requests for velvet jackets that can be worn as a blazer with jeans or casual trousers, and double up as a dinner jacket when the occasion deserves a splash of colour.


Pink Velvet Jacket by Pope & Bradley (view)

The wonder of midnight blue is that under certain lighting conditions it can appear to be darker than black, but an increasing number of customers feel that if they elect to go blue for black-tie, they'd like their dinner suit to look blue (under all conditions).


Daniel Craig turns black-tie blue (2023)

Pope & Bradley dinner suits are made-to-order in double or single-breasted styles and are available in black... and several shades of blue.


Navy Blue Dinner Suit by Pope & Bradley (view)

For those who wish to add a touch of attitude to their tailoring, Mr Fish is guaranteed to deliver a louche look together with uncompromising quality of make and material.


Elliot and David Mason are Mr Fish velvet fans

The "Homage To Hendrix" collection celebrates the life of a famous Mr Fish customer and former resident of the Mason & Sons home in Montagu Square. 


 Grey Velvet Jacket with Pure Silk Lining by Mr Fish (view)

Whatever your apparel requirements are for the upcoming party season, please make sure you make sufficient time to place your orders... we wouldn't want you to be put in the doghouse.


Lulu and Elliot Mason - resplendent in Mr Fish velvet 

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