Introducing Linda Farrow


Established in 1970, the Linda Farrow brand emerged swiftly into the limelight as a purveyor of high-end eyewear. Linda Farrow, herself a former fashion designer, played a pioneering role by early on recognising the potential of sunglasses as a fashion statement. She consistently produced groundbreaking collections, always in tune with the prevailing trends of the era.


The founder, Linda Farrow (1970)

Following a hiatus spanning two decades, the Linda Farrow brand made a triumphant comeback in 2003, thanks to the efforts of Linda Farrow's son, Simon Jablon.


Simon Jablon, Creative Director

At the tender age of 24, Simon stumbled upon a trove of his mother's original designs, spurring him to revive the brand's legacy. Initially reintroduced under the moniker "Linda Farrow Vintage," the archival offerings rapidly secured placements in prestigious department stores like Browns and Harvey Nichols.


The brand is relaunched (2003)

The extraordinary demand for these archival pieces prompted Simon to breathe new life into the brand entirely. He embarked on designing his own Linda Farrow eyewear collection, upholding his mother's tradition of daring design that consistently pushes boundaries.


Collaboration with 3.1 Phillip Lim as worn by Rihanna (2014)

In the contemporary landscape, Linda Farrow is celebrated for collaborations with a cadre of the globe's most celebrated designers, alongside its unyielding dedication to opulent mainline collections.


Irina Shayk is the star of the SS'15 campaign (2015)

The brand has etched its mark as an exhilarating force within the fashion world, boasting an impressive tally of over 30 standalone boutiques and concessions, in addition to a global network of 500 wholesalers. We are delighted to have increased that number to 501, with our introduction of Linda Farrow to The Ocularium.

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