Three Ways to Wear Velvet

Jimi Hendrix outside his home (1968)

The 'Homage to Hendrix' collection of plush velvet tailoring and printed silk shirts, recently released by Mr Fish, inspired Messrs. Mason & Son to trial the core products in a variety of looks that illustrate 'Three Ways to Wear Velvet'.


Elliot Mason outside his home (2022)

The obvious location was 34 Montagu Square in the London district of Marylebone. It is the current home of Mason & Sons and the former home of Jimi Hendrix. The premises also house the design studio of Mr Fish.


1963 "Mr Fish" Morris Mini delivery van

The clothing safely arrived at its destination in the recently restored Morris Mini delivery van, sourced by Duke of London and rebuilt by Romance of Rust who finished the gleaming machine in the bright orange corporate livery of Mr Fish.




David & Elliot survey the square in Mr Fish velvet blazers

The key pieces of the Homage to Hendrix collection are the velvet jackets. This luxurious fabric can be dressed up or down, and may be worn in its simplest form as a classic blazer, paired with flannels and roll necks or jeans and t-shirts.


The Masons allow the Mini to make the colour statement

The velvet blazer is undoubtedly something of a statement piece, but subdued styling can be achieved by creating a monochromatic look with dark shades of knitwear and trousers.




Elliot and David considering the Mr Fish options

Mr Fish has never been renowned for subtlety, and the exotic printed silk linings of the velvet jackets signify the brands louche reputation. Pairing with velvet trousers and silk shirts then begin to dial things up a notch or two.


Swimming in a sea of silk

Mr Fish famously created matching shirts and ties in the 1960s, and advocates of the style at the time included British actors Michael Caine, Terence Stamp and Peter Sellers. The matching shirt and lining is a sartorial nod to those early designs.


Elliot and David in full Mr Fish regalia

The velvet suit and printed silk shirt represents the definitive `Mr Fish 'Homage to Hendrix', embracing the spirit of a golden age of popular culture, delivered with contemporary context.


The Mason's faithful hound, Vesper, loves velvet

Velvet is soft and smooth, lush and luxurious, glitzy and glamorous, classic yet contemporary, comfortable and very cool. Little wonder that it attracts the attention of men, women and the occasional animal.




A spectacle change from Ed Scarlett 'Soho' in Champagne to Black

From the fun of party wear, to the serious business of formalwear, velvet has always played a significant, historic role. Paired with the appropriate accessories, the Mr Fish velvet jacket becomes a most dignified piece of apparel.


Perfectly fitted velvet

The Mr Fish 'Homage to Hendrix' collection is made-to-order, offering individuals the opportunity to create their own signature and style to garments that are tailored to the exact specifications of each customer.


CLICK HERE to view the 'Homage to Hendrix' collection

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