Hemingsworth Leisurewear: Designed & Made In London

You might have noticed that in the last few months we’ve been adding to our stable of British brands. While each one has its own merits and specialities, in a timely fashion we’re incredibly excited to introduce Hemingsworth.

Founded in 2015 by Matt Jones, like any good entrepreneur worth his salt he saw a gap in the market in which to position Hemingsworth in. Explaining his move, he “was fed up of not having a wardrobe that travelled well with me. Very few items were ever-versatile if ever I was trying to pack light, despite their marketed ‘travel properties’, they would still crease like a paper bag or be very uncomfortable.” It started out as a swimwear brand but has since evolved into a full wardrobe offering of easy-to-wear leisurewear pieces, such as camp-collar shirts, polo shirts and trousers.

Mason & Sons Hemingsworth Polo Shirt Tennis

Hemingworth swimming shorts aren't explicitly for swimming, and you can enjoy them in all kinds of ways. Including a spot of tennis.

In addition to an understated collection that ticks the British Design credentials, everything offered by Hemingsworth is Made in England – a staggering 90% of which is produced in London. Upholding those manufacturing values was a crucial factor when starting out, as Jones didn’t want to go off-shore like so many other brands in this space.

“We could not make our garments anywhere else and I sincerely mean that. British manufacturing is steeped in heritage but there is a modern-day open and willingness to evolve and trial new things, with lots of wise experience to steer,” he says of his manufacturer who's been an excellent collaborator to diversify with.

Mason & Sons Hemingsworth Clipper Swimming Trunk Seersucker Pattern

A snapshot of the design intricacies of the Clipper short, which consists of a well-above-average 29 piece pattern.

Heading up the design process is Henry Butler, whom Jones speaks incredibly highly of given his previous experience at E. Tautz, Nigel Cabourn and Fox Brothers. After three years of development, Butler completed the design of the brand's hero product, the Clipper swim short which is equally as elegant as it is meticulously made with an incredibly impressive 29 piece pattern.

Mason & Sons Hemingsworth Clipper Swimming Trunk

Whether submerged or on-land, the Clipper short performs just as well as it is versatile.

Hitting the sweet spot of mid-thigh – any higher verges on questionable, and any lower requires a surfboard – they have design details that are more akin to tailoring than swimming. With side-adjustors, a French fly and Tahitian Mother of Pearl buttons, the Clipper is easily the smartest swim short we’ve come across to date and comes in evergreen stripes, plains and chambray

Mason & Sons Hemingsworth Clipper Swimming Short

The Clipper short hits the sweet spot of mid-thigh very well. Also, note the very subtle but elegant branding alongside the pocket entry.

After swim shorts, there are shirts, trousers and jackets that subscribe to a seasonless, go anywhere anytime agenda. To have that ability, though, they need to be versatile and timeless, i.e; they shouldn’t over-designed, but fit sensibly and come in a range of conservative fabrics that have prevailed through the course of time.

Mason & Sons Hemingsworth Cabana Shirt

Model and industry figure Richard Biedul sporting the Cabana shirt.

While Hemingsworth has options in the polo shirt department, this season sees the introduction of the Marina and Cabana shirts just in time for imminent travel plans. The Marina is your classic camp-collar shirt with a breast pocket, one-piece collar and a straight hem that can easily be layered beneath a lightweight blazer if your holiday plans are taking you someplace that deserves such a jacket. The versions in cotton chambray are particularly handsome, but if you require a more conservative option, there are Bengal stripes and plains aplenty. The Cabana is its more relaxed sibling that has three pockets for essentials like your wallet, sunglasses and keys.

Mason and Sons Hemingsworth Trouser

The Cruiser trouser features the same side-adjustors, French fly, Tahitian Mother of Pearl buttons and coin pocket. With a slim-fit, they're finished with a cuff.

There are two models of trousers on offer, most of which have a matching jacket however you can easily mix and match. Firstly, the Cruiser trouser is simply an extension of the Clipper swimming short in case you were wondering. Second up is the Kulbir, which pays homage to Kulbir Thapa who was the first Gurkha soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross back in 1915. With two forward-facing pleats and a fuller leg, it has the instantly identifiable Gurkha belt loops and tailored finish. Mason & Sons Hemingsworth Clipper Swimming Trunks

With the prospect of travel now a reality, there's no better short to take away with you in our opinion.

All in all, this arrival of Hemingsworth is a significant development in our ever-growing offering of the best of British brands. The “garments are timeless and very much for a clientele that recognises quality, without the need to be plugged into any marketing hype” Jones succinctly finishes with. And with that said, we’re sure that you’ll be able to recognise that, too.

Explore the full collection, here.

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