Peregrine's Sustainable 'Zero Waste' Range

Regular readers will know about Peregrine already, but if you don't, you can read our Intelligence entry here that dives into the history of this incredible, Made in England knitwear brand that was founded in 1796 and is still family-owned. This entry, however, looks at the brand's new 'Zero Waste' range that we're pleased to now offer.

Mason and Sons Peregrine Knitwear Made in England

The spinning department at Peregrine's factory, circa 1901.

For this spring/summer season, we’ve added a few more pieces to our offering of Peregrine knitwear, including a couple of polo shirts and Breton T-shirts from the 'Zero Waste' range. With the fashion industry under growing and intense scrutiny for its globalisation practices that have a devasting environmental impact, it’s refreshing to discover such a sustainable range by a company that we hold in the highest regards.

Mason and Sons Peregrine Knitwear Made in England

Seamless knitting machines require a great deal of experienced machinists.

What the Zero Waste range sets out to achieve is to offer garments that are entirely traceable. As consumers, we’re often left in the dark about where exactly the raw materials come from and the journey that they then embark on before being worn. For this range, Peregrine uses super-soft, long-staple Egyptian cottons. These are approved by the Better Cotton Initiative, which is a global body that aims to promote and protect a fairer world for cotton manufacturing, into a succinct offering of classics.

Mason and Sons Peregrine Knitwear Made in England

The mustard Breton T-shirt, which is part of the Zero Waste range, is a seamless top that's built to last. A great punch of colour for the spring/summer season.

All of the garments in the Zero Waste range have been fashioned on seamless, 18 gauge knitting machines. What’s amazing about seamless knitwear is that it’s comprised of a single thread of yarn for the entire garment that’s then hidden away. This gives you a T-shirt, for example, with a level of comfort that’s far superior to your standard cut and sew alternative due to them being stronger and more durable as there’s no single weak point. With this refined method of knitting, they’re also smarter and will provide a subtle lift to your casual wardrobe.

Mason and Sons Peregrine Knitwear Made in England

The Emery polo shirt in navy is also part of the Zero Waste range. The collar is particularly relaxed for summer wear.

In addition to the Zero Waste range, we’ve also added a handful of core wardrobe staples, such as the Milton sweatshirt and the classic T-shirt in white and light grey, all of which have been Made in England, naturally.

Explore the entire collection, here.

Mason and Sons Peregrine Knitwear Made in England

Peregrine's classic T-shirt being taken for a ride.

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