We've Recreated The Thomas Crown Affair Navy Mockneck

In typical Mason & Sons fashion, we felt obliged to recreate the navy top worn by Steve McQueen during the glider scene in The Thomas Crown Affair. It's one of the hero pieces of casual clothing that he wears in the film, and although you don't see it for long it's made a lasting impression on us.

Mason Sons Steve McQueen Thomas Crown Affair Navy Mockneck Sweater

McQueen as Thomas Crown lands safely and serves a lesson in weekend style with his Baracuta jacket, navy T-shirt, sunglasses and cap.

In a film with so many scenes with serious amounts of cool factor, the glider scene in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) is right up there with the best of them. Who do you know that can fly a glider? It's a rarefied pastime that few partake mostly because, to put it bluntly, you need balls of the finest German steel. Having plenty of disposable cash would help, too, and Crown effortlessly meets that criteria while also serving up another lesson in style.

In the film still above, you can just about see a glimpse of the top McQueen is wearing beneath his navy G9 jacket (have you read our history of the Harrington jacket?). It's one of the great casual wear pieces worn by him in a film that serves up style sermon after style sermon, and it's the third we've faithfully recreated. The first was of course the sky blue mock turtleneck that's worn on the golf course, and the second is the peach beach shirt that's worn during the golf buggy scene.

Mason Sons Steve McQueen Thomas Crown Affair Navy Mockneck Sweater

Model and actress Astrid Heeren lending a hand...

Now, the eagled-eyed will notice or know that the top worn by McQueen is actually a short-sleeve T-shirt. We're, of course, aware of this but felt that a long-sleeve iteration would be better suited to the current climate.


The newest creation from Mason & Sons, the Navy Mock Turtleneck Sweater.

It's made from a lightweight cotton, and comes with striped neckline, breast pocket and ribbed cuffs and hem. This gives it a snug fit that hugs the body and so it's naturally a fine counterpart to a Baracuta jacket (explore our offering, here) or even our navy urban safari jacket which would create a slick, tonal look. Overall, though, you should consider this a reliable weekend piece to wear in those rare but freeing breaks from the house. It's a sporty top due to the contrasting stripes which also give it a bit of retro appeal but then it's also a touch elegant thanks to higher neckline. You can take it one step further and go gliding in it, but don't forget about that German steel – a crucial component if there ever was one for such an exercise...

Shop the full look below.

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