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Aubrey Automobiles has announced the completion of ‘Aubrey 001’, a bespoke restoration of a 1973 Land Rover Series III 109 station wagon. Designed for life in the Swiss Alps, Aubrey 001 features a number of custom modifications built to compliment all-weather adventures. The car marks the first of Aubrey’s completed commissions, and was displayed to the public at the International Concours of Elegance in St.Moritz last month. 


Photo: Sam Chick.  @samchickphotography

Aubrey Automobiles, a woman-owned restoration company based in London, was commissioned by an English family to turn their 1973 Land Rover Series III 109 into a functional vehicle to support their adventurous lifestyle as they moved to the Swiss Alps. Previously a ‘rusty old farm hack’ used on the family’s Devon property, Aubrey 001 was painstakingly restored and re-envisioned to ensure the car’s unique design is preserved while becoming a functional vehicle for the modern user.


Photo: Sam Chick. @samchickphotography

“It brings me immense joy to take cars that I love so much, then transform them cosmetically and mechanically to give them a new lease of life for future generations,” says Georgia Peck, founder of Aubey Automobiles. “I have no intention of changing the core identity of any marque or model of car, but simply preserving it for them in a way that captures the timeless beauty of the build.”


Photo: Sam Chick.  @samchickphotography

The build was completed by Aubrey's team of artisans and engineers, all based in South East England, over a total of 8 months and 1,000 hours. At the heart of the process, 001 has undergone a full nut-and-bolt restoration; including a full body restoration, LHD conversion, full engine and gearbox rebuild, new brakes and suspension, and new galvanised chassis.


Photo: Sam Chick.  @samchickphotography

On the interior, Aubrey 001 also boasts Aubrey-engineered removable B-pillars, a wenge wood interior decking and drinks cabinet, as well as a bespoke Connolly leather interior with 6 fully heated seats. Aubrey Automobiles has also included a number of upgrades to modernise the car for a new generation, including a hidden Apple CarPlay and discrete modern speaker system.


Photo: Freddie Atkins.  @tfjj

“Our bespoke restorations ensure that automotive icons and everyday vehicles are restored to ‘better than new’ condition, whilst keeping their period look and ‘old’ soul,” commented Georgia Peck. “We work hand-in-hand with our clients from the provision of a base vehicle, to the finished product; and throughout every step in between.”


Photo: Freddie Atkins.  @tfjj

Aubrey 001 was displayed to the public for the first time on 24th February 2023, at the International Concours of Elegance in St.Moritz, Switzerland.


Photo: Freddie Atkins.  @tfjj

Aubrey Automobiles offers only a handful of bespoke restorations of iconic classic cars each year, so that they can be appreciated, used, and enjoyed by a new generation of automotive enthusiasts.... who we hope will dress appropriately in Motoluxe Teddy Bear Coats



This is the first public commission completed by Aubrey Automobiles, with a 1988 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon set to be finalised later this year. 


Photo: Freddie Atkins  @tfjj 

For more information, please contact:

Tilly Redshaw

+44 7810 752709

Georgia Peck

+44 7544 229409

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