This project illustrates how you can build a new basement man-cave underneath a new or an existing garage attached to a house. This can apply to a house in an urban environment or one in the suburbs or countryside.



The idea is very simple - build a space below ground for relaxing and entertaining that connects directly with the garage above via a car lift. This way, cars can be displayed downstairs in addition to keeping cars upstairs.



The car lift uses a bespoke method of removable structural columns that can be stored away after use so that the space downstairs is kept totally clear when the car lift is not in use.



In this particular case, the underground swimming pool below the house is linked via a large glazed screen affording a great view of the client's Ferrari F40 from the pool.



A sunken seating area with a drop-down screen for watching TV and films provides the entertainment at one end with a bar area at the opposite end.



Backlit shelves for the client’s motoring and racing memorabilia collection are integrated into the end wall. Temperature and humidity are computer controlled.